Fourth of July Outfit with Frayed Denim Skirt

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What are your plans for the Fourth of July? Spencer and I are headed to Newport Beach California tonight when he gets home from work and I get home from the ESCAPE Ladies' Night Out at Station Park! I grew up (from seventh grade through junior year of high school) in California. One of my favorite memories of living there was when we went to the beach for Independence Day and watched the fireworks from the beach. It was incredible because we were surrounded by people and could see 4 different beaches letting off firework shows; one in each direction!

I told Spencer about this memory and he and I booked an AirBNB in Newport. We plan on beach hopping, one each day this weekend! He hasn't been able to explore the Golden Coast quite like I have, and I am excited to show him around! The night I am most excited for is definitely the 4th of July so that we can experience the fireworks on the beach in every direction.

You better believe this is the outfit I will be wearing on the Fourth (when I am not wearing my swimsuit)! When I saw this shirt at Nordstrom Rack, I knew it was the holiday shirt I was looking for. Paired with the distressed denim skirt, the outfit feels complete. Well, almost, the hat is the third piece that brings the look full circle!
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Red and Blue Striped Shirt (from Norstrom Rack, not sold online, similar linked)


Getting Into Shape and Losing 7 Pounds: An Ideal Shape Review

I was given Ideal Shape product in return for review, but all opinions are my own.
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You'll never believe what happened... but I found a protein shake that I love! Cookies and Cream?! YES. Creamy Vanilla? You bet. Losing seven pounds?! ABSOLUTELY.
I had hit a body low. I had not worked out consistently in a year and found myself always snacking! It got to the point where I felt unhappy in clothing and would rather not get dressed in cute clothes or go out. I finally decided to take control!

I have now been taking Ideal Shape Meal Replacement Shakes alongside my workout routine (did you catch my Curvy Girl's Guide to Workout on snapchat -- username: lauryncakes -- if not, be sure to look for a YouTube video coming soon)! They are perfect to have for a quick breakfast to curb my hunger for 3 hours, a great lunch replacement to boost my energy to get through work, or even a great whey protein to take after a killer workout (there are 11g of whey per serving)! Not only are the shake flavors delicious, but they are jam packed with (22) vitamins and minerals, and fiber, and are under 120 calories per serving.

Over the course of the past month with my fitness routine combined with the Ideal Shape Shakes and the Ideal Boost Weight Loss Drinks, I have been able to lose 7 pounds! I am feeling much more like myself with a lot more energy to do what I need throughout the day.

Wait, wait, wait, "What is Ideal Boost Weight Loss Drink?" you are asking yourself. Well, it is actually a delicious powdered drink that you can take with you in a single serving size. They fit perfectly into a water bottle and are good anytime of the day. The weight loss drinks boast of 3-hour hunger control, giving increased energy, increased fat loss, are only 5 calories, and are extremely convenient. I would have to say that the drinks definitely do all of these things for me! My favorite time to take them are in the morning after breakfast at 7 AM, at snack around 10 AM, and after work at 3 PM. These help me to get through to the next meal so that I feel ready to take on the world without having to carb-load my way through life.

Right now there is the Summer Body Bundle where you can get a shaker bottle, an ebook,  2 tubs of Ideal Shape mix, 2 boxes of IdealBars,  a bottle of Ideal Renew probiotic for $119! That is more than 50% savings on the package! 
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Nike Spotted Tank (old, similar linked)

Be sure to get your Ideal Shape package to get your summer body!!


Ready to Resort with THML Clothing

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Do you remember last week when I posted about THML Clothing?! Well, they are back! This time I featured their wholesale clothing in more of a resort wear outfit! I can't get enough of this coral THML top and have worn it three times these past two weeks (including to be on the local news)! It's versatile in that it can be dressed down for a casual outfit, or it can be played up for a more dressy outfit.

In other news, I have been stepping up my workout game! After about a year of noncommittal gym days, I have started to go three times a week! One day a week is dedicated to arms, one day is dedicated to legs, and the last day is dedicated to abs. After about a month, I feel like I am definitely seeing results! I am so excited to see definition in my legs and arms (my abs are slower moving hahaha) and I can't wait to keep on this fitness journey!
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Styled by 5 ft. Love Winnie James

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I am so excited to let you know that I am now a part of the Styled by 5 series! This is a series where every month, 5 different bloggers (including myself) of all shapes and sizes from all over the US style the same item of clothing! It is so important to empower other women along the journey of success, and I think that by supporting other bloggers and showing YOU that different bodies (and different style) can wear the same items, we are doing just that!

I have teamed up with four other ladies to bring you one piece of clothing styled by 5 different women. Women that look and think differently from one another-- hair, religion, location, skin, size, height, style, and much, much more. I love sharing my style with you, but I also want you to be able to visualize the clothing on yourself and other body types! So feel free to check out how Deidre, Kaylynn, Bethany, and Jacque all styled their outfits!

This month we are showcasing the Marina Shirt from Love Winnie James. To be quite frank, we all had a hard time coming up with our favorite item because everything  from the boutique is on point! From their dresses to their leggings, I wanted to buy it all! Luckily, we all agreed to this adorable button-up striped shirt, and the rest is history. 
Of course, I have a more edgy style, so big belts and chokers are always going to be a part of my closet! To be honest, these white pants are okayyyy, but I am still on the search for the perfect pair with stretch but isn't see-through. If you know of the brand that has that pair, please tell me in the comments below!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies and the way that they put together an outfit using the Love Winnie James shirt! Their blogs are linked right below:)

STYLEDBY5 for 15% off your purchase!
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Love Winnie James Marina Shirt c/o (use the code STYLEDBY5 for 15% off your purchase!)
Wrap Choker with Beads (I made this myself, but linked a similar one!)
Caslon Tie-Up Espadrille Sandals (sold out, similar linked)
Dooney & Bourke Green Cross-body Bag (thrifted and vintage, similar linked)


FAQ of Blogging

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Here is the thing: I am asked the same blogging questions about once a week. They aren't crazy, out-of-this-world, or even trade secrets. These questions are easy to answer and deserve to be known! Instead of keeping all that I have learned the past two and a half years to myself, I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions right here.

I want to start a blog, how do I do that?
Think about what niche you would like the most! There are so many to choose from: fashion, lifestyle, cooking/baking, mommyhood, beauty, fitness, reading. The list could literally go on forever! Choose one thing and go with it. Some niches can work well with others, and that's okay to choose both! If you find you're wanting a little of everything, stick to lifestyle. The next thing you need to do is name it.

What do I do next?
Get a Blogger account. If you're feeling adventurous, try Wordpress. Once you have made a name for yourself (and you know you are sticking to it!), get yourself a URL.

How do you make money blogging?
This took me a long, long time to realize-- bloggers make money! There are three ways for a blogger to get paid (the 3 P's): product, payment, or posting a link. A company can send a blogger a product/item/treatment to try out and review on their blog. They keep that as a form of payment. A company can pay a blogger in the form of cash for posting about a product. Or, a blogger can make affiliate cash. This means that they have tacking links in their posts that pay them either commission based on sales, or pay-per-click. Bloggers can always have a combination of the three going on! A company can send a gift, pay for the post, and allow for affiliate links throughout the post. The last type of payment is the best kind!

Do I contact companies, or do they contact me?
 In the beginning, you contact them! Tell them about yourself, why a collab between you two would be better and different than the ones they have had before, give them your following stats, and always give them your various links to social media. The bigger you get, the less reaching out you have to do, and they more companies will contact you. In order to stay on top of it and find companies that interest you, eat a piece of humble pie and keep up the initiation! (For instance, I contacted Maumero about wanting to feature a pair of their shoes on a blog post, and they wanted to work with me as well!)

How long does a blog post take to write?
Talking back and forth with a company: 30 minutes (added up)
Styling an outfit and steaming it: 20 minutes
Driving to photoshoot location and back: 1 hour
Taking pictures (for one outfit with a change in clothes): 20 minutes
Editing 5-8 photos: 1 hour
Writing blog post: 30 minutes- 1 hour (depending on effort)
Meta-tagging for SEO: 20 minutes

All together: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Extra Promotion:
Instagram post: 15 minutes
Twitter post: 5 minutes
Facebook post: 5 minutes
Pinterest post: 3 minutes each
Sharing to blog link-ups: 30 minutes

Do you take pictures of every outfit, every time you wear them?
 Heck no! My photoshoots work like this: I show up with 3-5 outfits pre-styled, washed, and ironed (typically, all of my shoes are in one huge duffle bag and I keep my clothes on hangers, complete with the jewelry of choice). Each outfit takes about 15 minutes to shoot. I run back to my car, flip the passenger seat as far forward as possible, and change in the back. It is a sweaty, rushed, and very un-fancy event. If I am swapping photos with another blogger, meaning I take their pictures and they take mine, this can take up to three hours! It is much easier to shoot outfits all in one day rather than shooting on a day to day basis.

So, then you don't actually wear your outfits?
Oh no, they are definitely worn! The outfits featured on my blog have either been worn before or going to be worn soon in real life. However, I love to live in workout leggings! Dressing up like I do on my blog is left for special events, work, or when I am going out! Typical errands are run in a tee and jeans or workout clothing.

What camera should I use?
I wish I was the expert in this category! My camera gets more outdated by the day (I use a Canon Rebel Ti). Many bloggers that I know have the Canon Rebel T3i or better! If you want your pictures to have the bokeh (blurry) background, spend some money on a 50 mm or 35mm lens! This will give you that effect (be warned, it does not zoom). Other things to consider when getting a camera: A tripod helps if you plan on taking photos yourself,  and invest in a camera remote. Cameras that have touch screens are easier to use. If you plan on taking video, get a camera that readjusts the focus by itself and that you can flip the viewfinder forward. Get a bag to keep your camera in so that it is safe! Bigger memory cards are going to do you better!

How do I get into the local industry?
Check out Facebook for local blogger groups! I would search by your state and then your city and type blogger in the description. These are awesome for networking and finding out about various events. I have had many collaboration opportunities come through a group like this as well. Check for hashtags on Instagram and Twitter made by bloggers in your area! If you know someone else that blogs near you, see what they are tagging and hashtagging, or even better, reach out to them in a private message and see if they can mentor you!

What is one piece of advice that you would give a new blogger?
Stay professional. Never reveal insider info about a company or their trade secrets; never give their contact information away to anyone else without the company's permission. Proofread your emails-- TWICE! And with that, remove the "sent from iPhone" from the bottom of your emails. Use professional language. Get a grownup email address. Don't talk bad behind anyone in the industries back-- it is smaller than you think! And, always, always, always over-deliver.

Do you have any blogging tips? If you do, or have any questions, please post them in the comment section below! I would love to hear what you think or answer your questions!
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By the way, these shoes from Maumero are ultra comfortable! I can't wait to wear them back to school when work starts up again because I know that they will last all day long without my feet hurting. They are extra special because with the purchase of any Maumero shoes, 10% of the sale goes to a participating charity of your choice!