Glamour Gels Beauty Bar in Utah

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Self-care, self-care, self-care. You know you have heard me talk about it before on this blog. I really believe in taking care of your self in order to present your best self. Now, I can't say that I like daily upkeep, because really, who likes doing their hair and makeup everyday? Going to bi-weekly, or even monthly, appointments to keep my beauty and maintenance in check and keep my daily routines to a minimum. I have been visiting Glamour Gels Beauty Bar for the past year and love that it is a "one-stop-shop" for what I need!

Casual Weekend Wear

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Welcome to the weekend! Nothing makes me happier than Friday night because it means the entire weekend is ahead of me. Although, Saturday morning is pretty sweet, too. I am all about sleeping in! During my days off, I like to be as casual and comfortable as I can. We're talking stretchy fabric, messy hair, and shoes I can put on instantly. This outfit definitely captures all the feels of my casual-wear dreams.

I'll be spending this Friday with my intern off-loading business knowledge and shooting upcoming projects. Saturday I am heading to my friend Jacque's (from the blog Looks for Lovelies) baby shower, then out on the town later on with the girls! Of course, the over-planner that I am, Sunday is already booked with Spencer to walk around downtown in the Avenues (our new 'hood) and ogle and lust after the gorgeous homes! I hope your weekend plans are just as fulfilling. xx

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Blue Denim Jumpsuit (mine is sold out, linked a similar one) | Faux Suede Pink Hat | Cross Strap Sliders

What about you: do you dress casual for the weekends, or dress up more for going out with friends? 


Our New Mattress: Tuft and Needle Review

I was given this mattress for free by Tuft & Needle in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. I tell you exactly what I would tell my friends about it!

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Honestly, I see someone ask about what mattress to buy at least once a week on Facebook! With all of the options out there, it was hard to narrow down our selection to one company to work with when we wanted a new sleeping area for our apartment! I combed through all the threads and read all the reviews online talking about different systems, pads, and beds. We finally settled on Tuft & Needle because I knew that they had two things in mind: quality and customer service. They did not disappoint in either of those areas!

Pink Off the Shoulder Top

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UGH is all I can think, say, and feel about summer break coming to an end. I have loved being able to wake up, hang out in my comfy clothes, and work on my blog daily! Plus, vacation/lunch/drink/bathroom breaks can be taken whenever. I think I was meant to work from home! With school (teaching) starting up again in the next few weeks, I have been prepping everything like crazy!


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Well, it has taken me a really long time to write this London, England travel guide! It has the details on the best places to visit, and how to pack it all in during a short stay there! Spencer and I flew to Europe during the month of June and spent 2.5 weeks traveling around different countries. The city of London holds a special place in our hearts because of it's friendliness, exciting sights, rich history, and cultural diversity. I liken it to a cleaner version of New York City!