The Emotion Code

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When I first went into the appointment, I had no idea what The Emotion Code was. I knew enough about it that I realized I would need to be open to it and that it was going to be a holistic experience. After Mary and I made introductions, she asked of my experience with The Emotion Code. When it was clear I had no clue, she told me how everything that we do has energy. Nothing can be created or lost, only transferred. When we react and have emotions, those create energy vibrations. Good vibrations bring us happiness, bad vibrations brings anxiety and tension. Both can become trapped within our bodies and even our Heart Walls.

“Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”   -Albert Einstein

The entire Emotion Code was a system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. The system helps release our trapped energies, remove walls around our hearts, and become whole again. If these trapped energies are not removed, not only can they be emotionally damaging, but they can also reside in certain areas at our bodies, eventually leading to inflamed tissue, aches, and pains of our physical body.
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This is how the appointment works: You sit in the room (or it can be held over the phone) with Mary. She uses the applied kinesiology test (applying pressure to your arm) to gather a baseline by asking your questions that are the truth. Questions like, "Is your name Lauryn?" will keep your arm steady. Once real questions are asked, if they are a "yes" answer, your arm should stay on the baseline. If the answer to that question is "no", then your arm will fall a little. Your body and subconscious mind react to what is being asked. Eventually, Mary asks questions pertaining to the chart below to figure out where your negative emotions reside and where they stem from.

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Once the the trapped emotion is figured out, the therapy starts. Mary works to get to the root of the emotion and when the negative experience that caused it happened through the same kinesiology technique and asking questions. Eventually the client is able to open up and talk about their feelings on the subject and the experience.

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Once the emotion has been let out, Mary asks one more time to make sure that the emotion is fully let go. She asks you to put one hand on your forehead, and one hand on your belly button. These are the emotional portals of the body, and the spine is the pathway between the two. She will run her fingers down from the neck on the spine in order to pull the emotion out. Some describe the release of the emotions as chills, others begin to cry or laugh. During my session, at this moment, I felt a weight lifted. Once this is done, Mary can move on to another trapped emotion. They are each done one at a time. The sessions last about 40-60 minutes each, which is enough time to release a couple of trapped emotions.

I would highly recommend Mary Echo and her work. There were moments in the session where we truly connected and it felt like we had known each other forever. 

Mary is in the studios on Tuesdays from 4 -7pm. Schedule your appointment today for this holistic healing experience!

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LUMINESS AIR: Tips and Tricks Using Airbrush Essentials

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I hear this time and time again, "You use airbrush makeup?! Is it hard to learn?"
The answer is NO! I use LUMINESS AIR at home all the time. In fact, I find it easier than regular application of makeup. Another common idea about airbrush is that is leaves a cake-y effect, and this is totally not true! Airbrush can be as little or as much as you want it to be. I tend to keep it on the more natural side of makeup just so that I don't feel like a walking mask.  From this before and after shoot using the Airbrush Essentials (X-Out, Porcelain, and Instant Eraser) and some airbrush foundation, you'll see just how much it can change the look of skin tone and clarity! Please know that other than slight editing for the lighting, these photos are untouched!
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1. The BEFORE Photo: A little bit scary. I had stressed a lot last week and my skin suffers when that happens. Take note of the breakout on my left side of the forehead (your right). You'll be amazed! Also notice the circles under my eyes and the uneven skin tone.

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2. The first step I used the X-Out for my under eye circles. This is to get rid of the purple-effect that can happen to us adult that don't sleep enough. Go ahead, scroll back up to the before photo and remember that I didn't touch-up my under-eyes! The slight purple and yellow yellow coloring that looks like bruising it gone!

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3. This is by far my favorite of the three LUMINESS AIR Airbrush Essentials! The Instant Eraser is perfect for those of us that get red from breakouts and irritation. Did you see the pimples on my left forehead before? Do you see them now?! This stuff is magic and makes pimples disappear (aka be hidden) like Houdini!

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4. The Porcelain is just the thing to use for a clean palette to create art with! It evens the skin tone of the entire face and gives a dewy, supple, natural look to your face to set it for the foundation!

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5. The foundation isn't part of the airbrush essentials trio I was introducing to you today, but I figured I would show you just how natural the airbrush makeup can look! 

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6. To complete the look, I added a slight highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and the triangle at the top of my nose, bronzer under my cheekbones, on my jaw line, on my forehead line, and on the sides of my nose. The final touch was a slightly pink airbrush blush added to the apples of my cheeks!

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What do you think? Can you see the difference? Would you try airbrush makeup essentials at home?


DIY Halloween Costume ft. Shabby Apple and Utah Bloggers

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It was so fun coming up with Halloween costumes using Shabby Apple dresses with some of my good Utah blogger friends! At first, I was thinking that Cruella De Ville was the way to go. I soon learned that I did not want to put in the effort for her black and white hair! I have always been drawn to the villains in stories, so I was looking for another dark character I could play!

Eventually I landed on Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family! She is hilariously dark, and slightly stylish, the perfect match ;) I got the black Nutcracker dress from Shabby apple to use as the base of the outfit. Talia Whatcott did my makeup, just as described. The final touches were the braided hair and added accessories. Peace Photo captured all of us together at Cornbelly's Corn Maze in Utah. It was a blast! My favorite photo was the recreation of Morticia Addams cutting roses off of their stems.

If you are wanting to see more of these bloggers and their costume ideas, be sure to check out their links below to head to their blogs!
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Silk Dreams with Christy Dawn

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This is the most beautiful dress ever! I wore it to the Dia de los Muertos event last night that I put together with my best boss babe Violeta from @justanotherinstagal. It makes me feel sexy, elegant, and not too showy all at once. If you want a show-stopper that is a little more subtle than your average ball gown, Christy Dawn does dresses (meets bohemian) just right.
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Balayage Hair: Runway Hair Salon Utah


How I Got Rid of Acne: The Three-Step Cleanse

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You know me, I am alllllll about having confidence. Natural confidence.
I believe women should be able to feel their best self without makeup and without dressing up. We should feel self-assured walking into work sans-powder mask. We should feel empowered in public when our faces are naked. 
After all, guys do it all the time, and look how far they have come ;)

I have been using BioClarity for the past month now and I can definitely attest to it's soothing powers and it's ability to fight acne using nature and science fused. I use it twice a day, with a little extra added to the routine at night while removing my makeup. The secret? Floralux, a naturally derived formula with the power of chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). Floralux is clinically proven to soothe skin, alleviate redness, reduce pore size, and kill the bacteria that causes acne

At night, be sure to remove your makeup FIRST to let BioClarity get the full effect on your skin. I do this by using both a towelette (a brand new one every night) and then following up with an oil based makeup remover.
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  1. CLEANSE washes away dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants without the harshness of other facial cleansers. It’s a deep clean with the naturally soothing benefits Green Tea and Chamomile extracts.
  2. TREATMENT delivers the most powerful over-the-counter acne medicine (Salicylic Acid 2.0%), penetrating deep into pores to kill the bacteria that causes acne. It also has powerful antioxidants and moisturizers from Oat Kernel extract that  leave your skin feeling naturally clear and healthy.
  3. RESTORE GEL with Floralux™ is BioClarity’s secret weapon in the fight against acne. With the power of naturally derived chlorophyll, Floralux™ is clinically proven to soothe skin, alleviate redness, reduce pore size, and kill the bacteria that cause acne. It’s cool, soothing, refreshing, and GREEN! Two pumps of this revolutionary gel is just the right amount—every time.

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