GlobeIn: Fair-Trade World Market

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I get a lot of enjoyment out of shopping during my travels. It makes me feel a profound sense of wonder and mystique to browse markets in foreign countries looking for special finds, gifts and pieces to decorate my apartment. Sometimes though, the travel makes the shopping a chore, Spencer and I once trekked 3 miles in a downpour past swamps and slums in Cancun to reach a local market to buy bracelets and trinkets for the kids in our neighborhood. It is times like that that make me want to skip the process and get to browsing local wares and treasures sans the pilgrimage.

Maui Kayak Adventures: Makena Turtle Tour

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The number one thing I wanted to see when we visited Maui, Hawaii? Turtles. I had heard my parents speak affectionately of their turtle sightings and I knew that the majestic creatures loved the Hawaiian islands, but I wasn't sure how to come in close contact with them. There are many places on the island that are popular for the animals to find sanctuary, and I trusted Maui Kayak Adventures to take me to them!

Good Things Utah: What is an Influencer?

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For those of you that missed it or do not get Utah news, I joined ABC 4's Good Things Utah this morning to talk about influencer marketing. I have talked before on my blog  about the difference between traditional marketing and the new age advertising that we see in the media. Catch an inside glimpse as I chat with Nicea DiGering and Jessie Miller about why brands are choosing to work with an Instagram or blog following.

Maui, Hawaii: The Spirit Painter

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Have you ever wanted to know what colors and shapes represent you, your personality, and your soul? I am drawn to people's spirituality (note: when I talk about spirituality, it is different than religious affiliation) and the very things that make our souls different. Your spirit is is the energy that emanates from your being; anything, including material things, have spirits too! You don't have to be connected (consciously) to anything to permeate this energy, we are all born with it and it continues to evolve as we grow and learn.

Cotton Saves the Day from Uncomfortable Moments

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Picture this: you’re finally on your perfect summer vacation to a fabulous beach getaway in an exotic location. Everything is perfect except: the humidity is making your outfit feel like your burial clothes - hot, stifling, and all you can think about. What a great way to ruin your plans. Have you ever had a really uncomfortable outfit moment like that? If you’re like me, then nothing makes you turn grumpy faster than having an outfit that is truly uncomfortable! As the saying goes: “beauty suffers”, right? WRONG!