Holiday Style Party Outfits

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I have a strong connection to powerful women. I want to draw from their strength, learn from their hustle, and emulate their kind actions toward others. 
I choose to surround myself with women that make others feel important, because they are so confident of their potential, that they are willing to give back knowing it doesn't diminish their light, but only adds to it.

Four of the women that were involved in this post are some of those women I am talking about.
Violeta, the cutest friend in the pictures with me, has taught me a lot about networking and the power in sharing leads.
Lynley Johnson, who took the photos in her brand new StudioBox Photo Co (it is so cool, you have to see it in person), has shown me what kindness is in supporting other's and making them feel beautiful inside and out.
Tara Lynn for (the owner of Tara Lynn's Boutique where this amazing sequin skirt is from) to follow your dreams.
& Tarah from Chic Jewelry Girl (the leather bracelets) for teaching my to hustle harder!

Now, on to the outfit! V and I were planning our upcoming collaborations for the holiday month, and we knew we wanted to incorporate a holiday outfit! The Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate) season has a lot of sparkle, and is all about showing light. These sequin skirts, mine A-line and V's pencil, demand attention and were the perfect holiday party style! The black, lace-up, chunky heel Chase & Chloe shoes are not only comfortable, but fabulous enough to catch the eye, even with it's dazzling partner.  I also knew I immediately wanted this shirt when I saw it on my good friend one day.  (I may or may not have busted my butt to get to Target that night). The final touch was the leather cuff bracelets with gold accents from Plunder.
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On Lauryn:
Gold Sequin A-Line Skirt from Tara Lynn's Boutique
Black Lace-Up Heels (c/o Chase & Chloe)

On Violeta:
Plaid Blouse (use the code SHOPGIFTS for 30% off!)


Red Velvet for Lauryncakes 3rd Anniversary

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I am pretty excited because this weekend was a huge milestone for my blog! 

After my initial goal of 10k, 30k was next. Now that we have reached that goal (and by we, I mean my husband, family, friends, and business collaborators that have helped me get this far), the next goal is to hit sixty thousand on Insta. It's time to bust my butt to get it there.

This weekend I am throwing a party in honor of hitting this milestone and for the fact my blog has reached it's third anniversary. You know what is crazy? The Lauryncakes brand has been around longer than I have been married to Spencer, my husband. That is so insane!

At the party we will be making DIY Denim Jackets by painting them, adding patches and pins, and cutting them up! I will probably wear these high waist jeans from this post with my favorite thrifted Levi's jacket (that I have already Do It Yourself'd). It'll be a blast to have Freebirds World Burrito feed us with mini burritos, chips and guacamole. We are also having a shoe shoot with Chase & Chloe! Thanks to Hannah Nichols Photo for capturing it. I can't wait to share all the photos from the event at Custom Canvas Prints!
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JCrew High Waist Jeans (30% off with the code SHOPGIFTS)
ASOS Red Velvet Booties (sold out, similar linked)


Gifting Jewelry This Season + Giveaway for $1000 Jewelry Gift Card

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I don't know about you, but I get serious anxiety over my jewelry. It must come off when I got to bed, when I wash my hands, when I am cleaning. I always fear that one of those cute little diamond stones my husband worked so hard to earn for me will fall out. Even when taking it off, I stress if it is not in a safe place; "what if it falls down the sink or into the trash?" "what if I forget where I put it?". The anxiety over it all caused me to tell my husband not to get anything too large, to keep it simple, that way if I lost or damaged anything, it would be okay. So long are those doubts because of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company!

Jewelers Mutual has brought me comfort knowing that my jewelry is protected! If a disaster were to happen to my wedding ring, wedding band, or even the turquoise ring I have that looks just like my grandpa's, I can live without anxiety. Jewelers Mutual will even cover my husband's watches in his watch collection to give him peace of mind! Did you know that they have been exclusively insuring jewelry for 100 years? They offer repair and replacement coverage that includes worldwide travel coverage for al types of jewelry and watches. This coverage not only is for loss, but also damage, theft, and even unexplained loss.

So, here's the deal: if you are buying the man or women in your life a valuable piece or accessory this holiday season, make sure you are covering it with insurance! The gift of peace (of mind).

Jewelry given during the holidays is special because it signifies the love you have for your special ones! Many view jewelry as the ultimate gift. Not only does is convey to your significant other that they are adored, but it shows those around them that see the jewelry that they are who you think of the most! The holidays are the perfect reason to gift that sparkle for your loved one, giving you the excuse you need to shower them with glitz!

While you're at it, be sure to enter the sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card to buy that special jewelry gift for your loved one.
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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Knit Dress Dreams

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I have an honest question that I want to start a real discussion about:
Do you believe educators and teachers have the moral responsibility to be modest and clean in all their (personal) life doings?

I ask because there is a huge teacher shortage everywhere. Teachers are asked to jump through so many hoops to keep their jobs and get far too little pay to keep at teaching. Yet, I keep hearing horror stories of teachers getting fired for things that happen in their personal lives. 

One fired for having a bar tending job on the side, another fired for posting a bikini picture, another fired for stating their opinion (in their personal life) too much.

What are your thoughts? Are we holding them up too high on a pedestal? Or are teachers expected to keep professional at all times because they are teaching our children?
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Black Cable Knit Sweater Dress (old, similar linked)

On Becca:
Red Velvet Hat (out of stock in red)
Black Jumpsuit
Grey Dolman Cardigan (similar linked)
Brown Ankle Booties
Black Choker


Beauty Review: Luminess Airbrush Makeup Foundation Vs. Traditional Makeup

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You may know from my post a month ago that I use airbrush makeup when going to my photoshoots for Lauryncakes blog! I swear by how natural it looks. Many confuse "airbrush makeup" with "photoshop airbrush" and think that it means you will look too fake. 
This is a common misconception and a MYTH!

According to my post three months ago, there are ten (10!) reasons why you should be using airbrush makeup in your beauty routine. Now I am going to tell you today why Luminess Air airbrush foundation is greater than regular foundation makeup-- hands down!

Read below to find out!
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  1. - all in one primer, concealer, and corrector
  2. - light application for a natural finish
  3. - leaves a vibrant finish
  4. - absorbs oil
  5. - softens wrinkles and fine lines
  6. - has silk proteins for moisturizing
  7. - can be worn for up to 18-hours!
  8. - complete coverage with less makeup applications

  1. - offers just one type of coverage: foundation!
  2. - cakey look giving unnatural look to skin
  3. - leaves a dull finish
  4. - produces oil
  5. - sits inside wrinkles and lines making them appear deeper
  6. - can often be drying
  7. - must be reapplied every 4 hours
  8. - requires many makeup applications to get full coverage

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Among the benefits that I was able to compare and contrast above between Luminess Air makeup and regular makeup, I love the foundation for many other reasons! The Mystic Foundation is never tested on animals, is suitable for all skin types, dermatologist approved, noncomedogenic, and free of oil, parabens, or fragrance!

PRO TIP: When applying, mix the Mystic Foundation shades for an even better skin tone match!

What do you say, are you convinced yet of the magical powers of airbrush makeup from Luminess Air?! 

Makeup care of Luminess shown in photos above