Why you Should Start Age Prevention in Your 20s

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You're in your twenties now, and you feel like you should be a little bit more responsible with your skin care, just like you've been more responsible with paying your own bills. I get it, you're a grown up! Did you know that once you are out of your teenage years, it is time to start age prevention skin routines? I have teamed up with VIVO Per Lei to tell you why and how you can begin the anti-aging process before it is too late.

National Fragrance Day with Bridgewater Candles

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Did you know that is the annual National Fragrance Day?! Today all scents and smells are honored. The sense of smell is one of the strongest links we hold to memory. Think about it, have you ever walked passed a scent and instantly have a flashback? I have this happen a lot, and I enjoy the memory recall. Often, when we go to a home goods store, I can't help myself and I must stop to smell every candle. Ask Spence about it, he always gets a big laugh out of it!

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I fell in love with Bridgewater Candles when I was working at a local store that sold them. Everyday as I walked in, the beautiful smells from the candles and sachets would waft my way. We couldn't keep the candles, sachets, and diffusers on the shelves because they sold out so quickly every time we stocked them! People loved the scents and the aesthetics of the products for their own home, and as gifts for others so much, that we were constantly in the rotation of ordering more.

 Even more than the fresh and cozy fragrances, Bridgewater Candle Company gives back! For ever candle purchased, a child in a developing country is fed for a day. It is pretty amazing when a company can dedicate a portion of their sales to bettering the lives of others!

BCC wants to give back to two of my readers in honor of #NationalFragranceDay! two lucky winners will be chosen to get $75 credit to shop at their online store. All you have to do is enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter below.

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Enter for a chance to win $75 to Bridgewater Candle Company for a fun shopping spree! There will be two winners chosen from the entries in the Rafflecopter below.

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Good news! Bridgewater Candles is offering a coupon to my readers! BWFRAGRANCEDAY17 is valid on 3/21 for a 15% discount off your entire order.


Spring 2017 Style Trends: Ruffles

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The first day of spring 2017 is here, and the style trends are out! It can be hard to navigate the world of fashion, especially when transitioning through seasons. Today's blogpost is a roundup of some of the best style crazes of the upcoming season. Read more below...

Star Girl

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Today, I am a star girl. This Stella McCartney star pattern dress makes me want to sing Starboy by The Weeknd in my head. The funniest part is that I found it while walking past the kids section! It stood out to me instantly I grabbed it off the girls' rack, fell more in love, and prayed that the XL in little girls would fit me!