Modest Dresses: A Modest Proposal

Hear ye, hear ye. Come one, come all. Gather, and listen. 
I have been searching high and low for the perfect dress.
"A dress?" you say. Don't get too excited.
 Spencer's brother has his wedding in California come January. That's right. Two weeks away. Silly girl that I am put off shopping for a great dress for the event until now. Little did I know I would have so much trouble finding anything that I wanted, let alone suitable for an LDS wedding reception. I was just talking to Spence last week about how I am starting to hate all of my church clothes. They are getting to that point where they have been washed and worn one too many times. I am sure you know the feeling. It's a constant battle to feel comfortable in these clothes, with the hemline shrinking and what not. (why can't clothes stay the size they are when you buy them?!)
So what has to be so special about this dress? Well, modest, for one. Now modest for me means right about the knee and at least cap shoulders.  (A lesson I have learned, if you have to modify the dress too much, you'll get sick of wearing it.) Another reoccurring issue: I hate the fashion of  places that target "modest dresses." They are always gaudy, or plain, or ugly. I don't want to look like a pioneer! Try classy. So without further a do, I present to you, Venus. It only took me 4 hours at the mall (Spence was so good to push my wheelchair around the entire time, and we both came home empty handed), and countless time looking online. Search no more Babes. They have all styles of clothes, but I found a large collection fitting my criteria. and also an amazing sale section. Happy shopping!


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