The Grinch Christmas: Extra Merry & Bright

Well lovelies,  yester-yeserday and yesterday was another fantastic day! (I am sorry for not posting any ACTUAL Christmas pictures, I was so caught up in my family festivities that I didn't take any pictures! IT was magical to say the least though.)My family knows me so well and I ended up with giftcards to all my favorite places. They know how picky I can be! We spent the rest of the day with cousins and aunts and friends and enjoyed hot tamales, a christmas movie, and my dad's new popcorn machine!
Yesterday was spent at Spence's mom's house to celebrate Christmas there. His parents are split, so holidays can get caaarazy. Since there are so many places to be, his mom has set a tradition of "Grinch Day." Seeing as the Grinch stole Christmas in the movie, she deemed the 26 as Christmas Eve at her house, and the 27 as Grinch Christmas. I was so spoiled on my families Christmas and was so not prepared for the spoiled-ness to come. It was pretty overwhelming to feel such gratitude and love! All my gifts were wrapped in this fabulous red sparkle paper (apparently it put up a fight when being wrapped with tape, so it had to be hot-glue gunned!) I took a picture of my gifts all wrapped tight, but the piccy mysteriously vanished. :( Spence out-did himself with my new Dr. Martens boots (he saw me eyeing them) and my much needed new handmixer. His mom gives each person a large gift and this year she gave me the gift of her sewing. It is my dream to have my moms dress alterered (and those dang 80's puffy sleeves fixed!) for my wedding someday. It was so thoughtful.

How was your Christmas, Babes? I know it's not about the gifts, but the gifts did remind me of how loved I am by my family, and I think that that is what it is all about. The gift of family is something our Savior reminds us to be grateful for everyday. The Spirit of Christmas was definitely in our homes. 


My first pair of Doc Martens from Spence. He got a brown pair and mine are chic black!
the cutest (soon to be) Mother-in-Law gave me this present as my large present this year.
She is a magician at sewing.
The aftermath of the adorable sparkle paper.
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