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Life has been a whirlwind lately... It may not be the best to start our relationship off with a cliche, but at least you know I'm honest. The reason for even mentioning this is really just an excuse on my part. An excuse for not making one of these bloggies earlier. An excuse for not keeping in touch and being a better friend. An excuse for not putting my full effort into my beliefs. &&, really really an excuse for not hitting the gym like I should. Everyone gets to use this "I've been busy" excuse sometimes, but something is telling me that I have hit my yearly quota. (I'd like to say my life quota, but we can all rest easy with the fact that I will want to use that excuse next time I am asked to give visiting teaching another shot.)

Can we rewind, pause, and then fast-forward? For those of you that don't understand my simpleton's lingo, I mean let me give you a brief update of my life. Starting in May. Because, my life really started in May.

I met Spencer Hock in the early beginnings of summer break 2013. Now when I use the term "met" it is used very loosely. Confused? Well then good, I have caught your attention and you'll just have to read our silly love story in an upcoming post. I met him at the perfect time, when I truly needed the friendship most. You see, I had decided to stay in logan for the summer and quickly regretted my lonely decision. I then picked up a catering job at The Coppermill, a cleaning job at a lady's house, and a serving job at Texas Roadhouse. I spent my summer working hard and talking on the phone a lot-- to Spencer.

Spring forward through the endless summer nights, when Fall 2013 semester began at Utah State (anyone notice I used three different seasons in one sentence?!). My best friends Melanie, Sara, and Trish came back to town. && I was a happy camper. You see, these three girls I spend almost every waking moment with. I lucked out to find the people who keep me functioning IN MY MAJOR. That's right, I have every single class with my gals. I soon found out I needed them to contain my insanity, as we conquered the hardest semester of our lives together. We are talking midnight library sessions, crying, laughing (with relief, fear, and fun), and sometimes- on my part- under my breath naughty comments about my least-favorite professors. People truly do not give educators (we are all dual majors- Special Education and Elementary Education) the rep they deserve. That program is tough.

Now it is Winter  break. My 22nd birthday has come and gone. The final grades are in. All my Christmas presents have been bought. && (unfortunately) the snow is here to stay. &&& On Monday I had foot surgery that requires a "strict 5 day elevation about the heart"-- translation: I. am. bored. and literally butt-hurt. Was that a gross joke? Bum jokes aren't gross, are they? 

But, on a lighter note, all this sitting around has led me to write a blog. Finally.

So this blogs for you. The "busy" ones. The introverts. The lovers and the haters. The dreamers and the makers. The friends and the "friends." But most of all, this blog is for me.

xoxo (a very drugged up on pain-killers) Laur

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