Amazon Smile: Shopping and Giving Back at the Same Time?!

You heard right, peeps! Amazon, one of my absolute favorite online retailers offers this amazing project called Project Smile.

 Every time, and yes I mean every time, you purchase through (it is still amazon, I promise!), they will donate .5% of your purchase to any charity that you please. It will walk you through the steps the first time you order through that link. They even offer 4 charities if you aren't aware of any on your own. What a great way to start off your new year by giving back (while feeding an "old" addiction).

Not completely satisfied? Visit the picture webpage above right HERE, or you can email me with questions.

&& in case you're wondering, I chose the water charity. my second choice would have been some sort of animal rescue. But hey, I am grateful for water everyday! (just imagine if you had to walk miles daily to retrieve water and yet it was still dirty.)
P.S. .5% isn't much, but at least it is something, it is so worth it on top of the other giving back you already are a part of!

What charity did you choose? Tell us all about it below!
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