Clarisonic Review: Beauty 101

Maybe you have heard of it. Maybe you haven't. All you need to know is now is the time to look into it! The Clarisonic Mia 2 changed my life (& no they aren't paying me to say so). 

I grew up with little to no acne, but when I moved from Cali to Utah, I suddenly was hit with pimples. Moving up to Logan for college did my skin in, and I felt like a pizza face. I went to the dermatologist often and went through trial and error before they let me finally go on Accutane. After 6 awful, dry skin, months filled with derm visits and pregnancy tests (they have to give you a pregnancy test once a month by law regardless of anything because the drug has scary side effects)- my face looked perfect. Errr, the skin on my face I mean. They told me my acne might return though. I rolled my eyes. As if that would ever happen.

2 years later, I was pimple ridden again. Not for lack of trying! Ask anyone. I am ritualistic about my face upkeep. I wash twice a day, more if I feel gross, use minimal make-up, use zit zapper at night, and always moisturize. Nothing would help.

Enter Clarisonic. I had dreamed of one since my college roommate had one my freshman year (her dad was a dermatologist, so she knew what was up!) but could never fathom paying out the money for it. Silly me, I had payed out more than double that money on acne meds and topical lotions alone. So after begging, I received one for my birthday and used it that night.

The results were amazing. 
I wish I had documented the progress.
Within one week, my bumps were gone.
Within 3 weeks my face was clear.
Within a month and a half all temporary acne scars were gone and my fear of break-outs vanished.
cue confidence boost.

Now, after washing my make-up off, I use my Clarisonic every night (it isn't too harsh at all!) with the wash it came with.
Don't forget to moisturize!

You need the Clarisonic. 
Can't afford it? 
It'll pay for itself.
Can't convince mommy or daddy to buy it?
Have them call me. I'll tell them myself.

You deserve to be just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. &to feel that way too. 

Have you had any experience with the Clarisonic? What other acne products do you use?
Comment below and tell us your secrets!
Stay pretty, Loves!

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  1. okay - sorry i didn't get you one sooner - your skin looks purrrrfect and I want one now :) love you! xoxo


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