Plucking Your Eyebrows Perfectly

Let's face it, (pun intended) your eyebrows need to look like they are the shiz. They do so many things. They make you not look like an alien, for one. They frame your face. They keep the dusts and particles out of your precious eyeballs. More than anything, they make you look good. So why aren't you taking care of them? 

Don't blame this one on the recession and the high price of that wax (or for the brave, threading). This is all on you, Babe. Pick up those tweezers. Don't get scared. They are your friend.

So here are the INs + OUTs of tweezing. You're boyfriend won't be sorry at how good ya look.

While we may not be able to have Cara Delevingne brows...
we can have this chicks!

get fantastic pluckers
(only, and yes, I said only, TWEEZERMAN will do.)
PS they even come with lifetime sharpening! whoa.

measure out start of inner brow
1. take tweezers (or other straight tool)
2.  put flat edge against widest part of nose going skyward
3. mark there. this is where your inner brows should start

measure where your arch goes
1. take flat edge
2. place at widest edge of nose
3. make a diagonal line through iris+pupil
4. mark there, this is where the highest part of your arch goes

measure where your outer-brow ends
1. take flat edge
2. put at widest edge of nose
3. make diagonal line to outer eye corner
4. if you continue up to brow, mark there, this is where your brow should end

Yay, you look like a doll. Don't forget-- NEVER over pluck. Or serve the consequences
OH + another tip, skip the magnified mirror. Save yourself the trouble of overplucking and seeing all those things you just don't want to see magnified by 10x.

love you. xx Laur

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