The Thick Hair Guide to Curly Locks&Sensitive Head: A Hairy Situation

I am often asked my hair regimen because I have long, wavy, and curly hair. People are always surprised that the secret to great hair is that the less you style it, the better it looks. I try to keep my hair as healthy and moisturized as possible to prevent breakage and straw-like hair. Here are my favorite things, In order of use:

  1. Make sure to always get sulfate free shampoo. It doesn't strip your hair of it's natural oils and also allows colored hair to keep it's vibrance.  Sulfate is just the chemical that makes the soap sud, and you don't need this to keep a great clean! This shampoo and conditioner smell especially delicious as well. Use about 10 pumps. I have extra thick and course hair and use 15-20 pumps. (NOTE: for the longest time I suffered from flakes and dry, itchy scalp. I went though tons of head and shoulders, t-gel, and similar treatments, all not giving me the relief I was looking for. After switching to Sulfate Free and Paraben Free shampoo and conditioner, I no longer itch or flake! Sulfates can irritate the head, especially for those with eczema.)
  2. After getting out of the shower I take my towel and wrap it around my wet hair. I then- starting from top- wring my hair out in the towel. Whatever you do, do not rub your head with the towel. Now take your hair and spray with the leave in, starting at ends.
  3. Take a nickel sized amount (I use a quarter size amount for thick hair) of the soy renewal and gently massage into hair, starting at the end.  Only once is enough!
  4. Repeat step three with keratin oil.
  5. I never, never use a blow dryer in less it is absolutely necessary (like going somewhere fancy.) It is best if you let your hair air dry. I usually stick my hair in a bun for a couple of hours until it doesn't feel like it is soaking my back. Then, just take out and let it air dry rest of the way.
  • Using a t-shirt to dry your hair helps prevent breaks and tears
  • I usually go about 4-5 days without washing. Sounds gross, but I have really dry hair and scalp and it has been shown that washing too much strips your hair of essential oils. (Your hair will seem oily at first, but it will stop producing so much oil after awhile. Constantly washing sends the signal that your scalp is dry and thus ups the oil production. )
  • First day I leave my hair curly while air drying. Second day I style (flat iron, curl). Third day I keep that style. Fourth day is bun/braid day. Fifth day cycle restarts. 
  • When sleeping,pull hair out from under your head and place falling off bed across pillow. Using a silk pillow helps prevent breaks. 
  • Feel free to spray with perfume daily.
  • Look at discount stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, ect. for more expensive hair products.
  • Tell yourself you don't need that straightener touch-up. unless it is the kink of the century, save yourself the heat damage. You'll live, and look confident for showing you rock the slight-bed-head.

You are on your way to giving Rapunzle a run for her money! Loves.
Any more hair care questions or have a styling process that works for you? Comment below, I'd love to read about it!

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    1. Oh thank you, Flavia! You're blog is great too, I just looked at it. Great contests, if you would ever like to get together for one, let's do it!

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  2. gorgeous hair - wish mine looked like yours ;)


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