The Big Question

Alright, so as promised, here is the big engagement story!
So this past Valentine's weekend was set to be a huge bummer, in my eyes. 
My friends were headed to Vegas (I didn't want to go because my foot isn't quite ready for all that walking!), Spencer was working, it was a 4-day weekend and I didn't even have a working car to go down and visit my family.
I know, huge party pooper over here.
So instead I set in on my little space in my room on the HUGE lovesac and prepared to do some major homework. (one too many hyperboles in that sentence!)
My mom called me and said my car was done being worked on in Salt Lake, so I got excited, planning in my head that we would go home Saturday afternoon when Spence got back from work. I continued on with the homework with a better mood.
Later that night Spencer came over after work loving that he'd made hecka money serving on Valentine's day. 
The first news out of his mouth after that: 
Instead of working in the morning, he was working Saturday night. My plans to go to Salt lake were foiled.
I kept bugging him about going down to Salt Lake, he said we would go down Sunday afternoon after church and hanging out with each other. He said he really missed me and wanted to make Sunday our Valentine's Day.
That didn't cut it for me, I was afraid he'd back out last minute- he had work Monday after all!
So I kept bugging him, saying we could go down after work on Saturday night, or early Sunday morning.
Now this is where the fun begins. If any of you know Spencer or I, you'll understand that I am stubborn, and he is a little bit sometimes too....

So while I am pleading to go down, he looks at me with determination in his eyes, and says, "Lauryn, if you must know, I was going to propose to you on Sunday."
I looked at him in bewilderment. I felt like I was going to cry. 
L: "Why did you tell me that?!
S: "You would not let the driving down early thing go! I tried to give you hints, but you wouldn't listen."
L: "I kinda got your hints, but I couldn't be sure. I didn't want to get my hopes up!"
S: "Then why did you keep asking me about it?"
L: "Like I said, I didn't want to get my hopes up!" (cue melodramatics) "Now I have to wait even longer because now you won't propose because I know. This is the worst Valentine's Day ever. Everyone is doing something fun. I am the one with a boyfriend, and ended up being the loser on Valentine's weekend." (see, I really do like hyperboles)
S: "Sorry, you shouldn't have kept asking to drive down."
L: "No, you shouldn't have told me."

Sunday morning I am getting ready for church, and Spencer calls and says we are going down to Salt Lake. NOW. 
At this point, I thought he was acting a little fishy, but realized since I had foiled his Sunday Proposal, that we now had the time to go down. Plus, he had insisted he had to wait a couple weeks to make it a surprise proposal.
We were on our way down when his mom called and said she needed us to pick up something from a friend in Bountiful. She sent him the address.
He didn't put it in his GPS.
We "got lost."

L: Shouldn't we try putting it in your GPS?
S: No I think we are almost there.
L: Are you sure? Maybe we should have turned on that street?
S: No I think this is right.

We continued up a road until there was a sign that said "National Forest" 
Spencer said, "I think that was the house," pointing to a small house that was really closed off. We drove to a bridge that "went to the house" and we parked.
S: Do you want to come with me, or are you going to stay in the car?
L: Do you see the ice on that bridge?! I can't walk across that with this (surgical) boot!
S: But I want you to come with me!
L: Okay, but do I need to change into normal boots?
S: I don't know, do you want to? *he then grabs his backpack*

We get on the bridge and Spence turns to me:
S: Do you know why I brought my backpack?
L: No, to get the thing from your mom's friend?
S: No, what did I send you while I was in Georgia?
L: *realization hits* flowers, shoes, and a ring
Spencer gets out some flowers, some Nikes I have had my eye on, and finally, a ring.
& the rest is history.

Moral of the story: Don't assume, and don't whine. EVER. I sure shot myself in the foot on this one:)

P.S. The winner of the Urban Peach Giveaway is Rachel H.
I'll contact you shortly, so you can receive your necklace.

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  1. OMG! That was soooo cute! I loved reading your engagement story!

    1. Aw, Heather! I am glad you got some enjoyment out of our stubbornness!


  2. Hahah oh, the pain we feel from being stubborn! But at least it ended well! So excited for you and this new adventure that awaits you!

    1. THANKS! Hahaah, yes being stubborn definitely hurt me this time!


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