The Perfect Messy Bun

Making- Valentine's cards for all the lovers
Cooking- lots and lots of cookies. Recently just made cookie butter cookies. That is right, a butter, made out of mashed up cookies, made into different cookies. whoa.
Drinking- propel. and WATER WATER WATER. I gave up Soda officially. This is Day 4.
Reading- TRYING to get through Divergent. Also, "Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)" by Mindy Kaling
Wanting- This blue kimono and these blue Steve Madden boots, and these pumps from VS
Looking- at photography. The way people can capture light fascinates me.
Playing- flappy bird and surprisingly Candy Crush. oh and Bike Race.
Wasting- water bottles. I just have a thing for the grab and go aspect. I'M SORRY!
Sewing- I wish.
Wishing- To be somewhere warm. FOREVER. and outta Logan, its making my acne act out being in this smoggy weather.
Enjoying- having Spence so close that we can drive to each other's houses in 2 minutes. And enoying the use of both feet finally! (only sometimes, Ma!)
Waiting- to be able to work out. Come on foot, heal faster! This lard won't come off itself!
Liking- greek yogurt. like a lot. oh and Sam's Club. they have greek yogurt there by the cases.
Loving- lotion and my Clarisonic. Cannot go to sleep without washing my face with it.
Hoping- to let things go more. The loss of friendship, pet peeves, jealousy.
Marveling- At the world and how many people can make something of themselves.
Needing- a tan. toned body. bikini. waves. salty hair. 
Smelling- peppermint and eucalyptus from the bath I took
Wearing- a baseball tee and workout pants. It's my form of sweats.
Following- hmmm.... 
Noticing- That not drinking soda and drinking a lot more water makes me feel better.
Knowing- that I am going into the exact major for me
Thinking- how will I survive without Diet Coke!?
Feeling- content but missing Spence who is at work.
Bookmarking- recipes, clothes, blogs, photography.
Opening- school books.
Giggling- at Buzzfeed quizzes and posts about animals who "just cannot right now"

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  1. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I tried to follow through GFC and it brought up an error message. I tried a couple different times and same thing keeps happening. Could be user error, but wanted to let you know!


    1. Thank you for telling me! I can't seem to figure that GFC out!!!

      xx Lauryn

  2. love that you are off of soda - now we can have lots of pebble ice water together :) loved this blog today - should do similar more often - once a week perhaps? very good stuff! and yes - be careful with that damned foot - now I Will have TWO kids on crutches :)

    1. Thought you would love the off soda thing... looks like we are in this together! You know, water is always better through a straw and with pebble ice! Yeah I think I will do a similiar more often. For the kids, ma, for the kids. Don't worry about the foot:)

      xx lauryncakes

  3. I love this post, it's funny! I like your plan to give up soda; I did that once and used teas...then I took the terrible dive back to soda. I need to give it up again.

    1. Hahah thank you! Teas.... I should try teas. One week strong without soda. I think I feel better? But fighting those cravings like crazy. When you went off it, did you notice any difference?

    2. Oh yeah! The second day off I felt so bad (I was drinking 4, 2 liters a day), but after that I felt lighter and more free. Teavana's Drangfruit tea is awesome!

  4. My friend tried getting me into Divergent last summer. Never picked it up. I'm currently reading Lord of the Flies. XD


    1. I will admit, it has taken me a while to get through the first Divergent... Lord of the Flies is a good one though!

      xx Laur

  5. I too cannot survive without diet coke! Staple drink. so much in common!

    1. I feel an instant connection with anyone who enjoys diet coke as much as I do. One week strong without it! Still craving it every day:/

      xx Laur

  6. Oooh cookie butter cookies? That sounds perfect! :)


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