Why We work & Valentine's Playlist

I call this playlist "lovedrunk" because I listen to it when I feel so high on love.
These songs are full of memories, wishes, happiness, and sometimes a little bit of hurt.
but I think they make the perfect combo for a Valentine's Day special.

While reading Life of Bon, I found her "Why We Work" post.
I decided to join in on their idea to share why Spence and I work together as a couple.

We work because we love to have fun. 
We work because we are okay to make fun of each other.
We work because we realize life is better to go about with someone that enjoys doing the same things as you.

We work because we both like to play sports.
We work because neither of us truly like to watch sports, but would rather make out.
(just kidding, Mom and Dad!)
We work because we are both so competitive, that it keeps the relationship alive. 

We work because we both understand the brilliance of families.
We work because we both understand the value of friendship.
We work because we both understand the brilliance && value of food. 

We work because we both know how to work hard.
We work because we both know its okay to sweat.
We work because we both know that it is better to work hard, then after, play hard.
We also work well because Spencer looks hot with a nice tan.

We work because he is willing to stay up late for me.
We work because I am willing to get up early with him.
We work because we are not too self-conscious around each other to pig out on greasy wafflehouse at 1 AM

We work because we know that we will be poor sometimes.
We work because we know that the future will be brighter.
We work because we are willing to compromise for each other's futures.

We work because he lets me kiss him in public.
We work because he allows me to take a ton of pictures.
We work because he has a great sense of style.

We work because he makes me feel safe.
We work because he makes me laugh so hard.
We work because he tells me I am funny.

We work because we can talk things through.
We work because he puts up with my stubborn anger/diva/princess behavior.
We work because I put up with his know-it-all attitude.

We work because we both know we are a son and daughter of our Heavenly Father.
We work because we are willing to sacrifice for our future in heaven.
We work because we forgive.
We work because we know that no one is perfect, but we can try to learn.
We work because we constantly show each other love.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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  1. my favorite part? your princess diva attitude and his know-it-all attitude LMAO haha

  2. Okay. That was so cute, and I was smiling pretty much the whole time I read it. I'm so glad you commented and linked up, because I love this so much. I love that you all don't take everything so seriously. Btw, you are super pretty and you and Spencer look great together! Thank you for all of your amazing comments!

    1. You, my dear, are simply the sweetest! thank you for the compliments. You're beautiful!

      xx Laur

  3. Also, I just wanted to let you know that you're a no reply blogger, just meaning that when I receive a comment on my blog, I reply back to them all through email. But if your email isn't linked to your comments (it goes to this no-reply@blogger.com email), you don't receive my replies or replies from any another blogger who is trying to reach you. It's happens all the time, I just wanted to let you know because your comments always make my day. :)

    Lisette (even though she's a little more annoyed about it than I am lol) has a tutorial on how to fix it here: http://northernbellediaries.com/no-reply-blogger/
    And so does Sarah (especially helpful if you are on Google+): http://www.venustrappedinmars.com/2013/06/google-ultimate-no-reply-blogger.html

    1. phewww, thank you!!! I fixed it:) I wondered for the longest time how to fix it.

  4. This would be really fun to sit down and make a "why we work" with hubby. I loved reading yours! :D

    1. Oh such a good idea! I'd love to hear his idea of why we work... And thank you:)



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