Blow the Whistle and the Time I was Upskirted

The best thing about this skirt? It has pockets! OHHH... and I found it at a thrift store WITH the tags for super cheap. Such a steal! Spence and I spent most of Spring Break in Logan working away at our jobs . . . we now work at the same place, so I pretty much see him all the time. I love it . . . most of the time  ;) Sometimes I just like to be selfish and blog! This can be difficult when we hang out pretty much 24/7 so sometimes I have to just flat out tell him I want to do something by myself (such as blog, or look at my instagram feed, or work on lesson plans) and at which point he says he has been dying to catch up on Bike Race and his Snapchats with his boys. Looks like we try to appease each other . . . 
Anyway, that was a strange tangent! So we were lame and stayed in Logan for the first half of the week. However, not as lame as you think. It was beautiful weather and we were able to do some fun activities outside, get a ton of wedding planning done, and not only save money but made da monies. We headed down to Salt Lake Wednesday after clockin' in our 21 required work hours and get this... he asked if I wanted my pictures taken in the canyon. Because my outfit "looked great and da babe looks cute."
Am I marrying a stud muffin, or WHAT?!
(I dare you to tell me the "or what?!")

All right, this is a super long-winded post. Who cares?! I am feeling chatty. So while we are out in the canyon, it is  w i n d y . Andddd of course, my skirt blows up. Because, of course, I wore a short skirt on a windy day. It is the strangest pattern, I have noticed. It is not like I check the wind predictions, but always wear flowy things on windy days . . . Well, my handsome man, probably expecting to get a peek, was a little shocked!
"You're wearing biker shorts?!"
At which point I had to tell him the story of in High School...
Story 1: When I was either a sophomore or a junior, I decided to full on pants my friend MB (a boy) during lunch time. Please keep in mind this completely juvenile behavior was extremely appropriate and hip at the time. Needless to say, revenge is sweet. So on my way to Spanish class later that day with some friends, MB walked right up behind me and upskirted me. That is right ladies, my jean skirt was pulled upwards revealing only my lady underwear underneath. For everyone around to see. I was embarrassed and a little miffed, but hey I deserved it. 

Story 2: While attending EFY (Especially for Youth), a week long summer camp for mormons, i made yet another horrific mistake. You see, I was attending the camp at the Santa Barbara campus which is right near the beach, providing a nice ocean breeze. Well you see, at the end of the week there is a more semi-formal dinner where everyone reminisces on the week and take pictures of the group and with friends. I wore a flowy dress. And by flow, I mean some parts spandex some parts cotton. This means it is not only stretch and bouncy, but extremely prone to flying around. My second mistake? Wearing terribly unrealistic bottoms underneath. Third mistake: going outside, in the breeze, and having group pictures taken. I guess we can end the story there by saying I am sure somewhere out there is an EFY picture with me frantically holding down my dress with a shocked look on my face and some articles of clothing that just are not appropriate to me showing off- especially at church camp.

Moral of the stories: Always wear spankies/biker shorts under a skirt or flowy dress

Skirt: American Eagle- thrifted with tags!!! (similar)
Boots: Pac Sun (similar)
Bow: The Children's Place (seriously, I just clipped the bow off this headband, similar- on sale!)
Necklaces- whistle from Bohme (sorry ladies, can't get this online!)
Heart from Nordstroms (similar)
Arrow custom from S.E. Needham Jewelers
Shirt: old-- Forever21



  1. stalking you via comments on Fal Finds Happiness... love your blog and I LOVE that you post playlists!

    1. haha you are the cutest! Thanks for stopping by... I'll post some more soon:)

  2. Cute thrift find! And pockets in skirts and dresses is the best! Thanks so much for coming by!


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