How to Get Silky Shaved Legs for Spring

I was given a free product for my review, but everything said here is my own opinion.

(You may want to read through this post to get a coupon code for Dorco!) Ask my mom, for she might tell this story better than myself, but I began shaving at a young age. I remember seeing a razor in the shower when i was in third grade and gently picking it up, knowing full well I was not supposed to be touching the razor.  It was off limits back then. Well that day, then and there, I took the razor to my leg. Embarrassed at what I had done, I covered my legs for about a week before unleashing my guilt of the event to my mom. Her reaction was different than that of what I had expected. I expected some yelling, or time out, or at least a reprimand. For some reason, I feared that i had terribly disobeyed. She just chuckled, though, and said that my punishment for doing so was that now I had to start shaving forever. 
 f o r e v e r.  
Because once you start you just cannot stop.
I have been shaving ever since.
Which is why i have tried practically every brand of razor, lotion, nair, wax, and cream possible. They all have pros and cons, some more than others:
Nair smells like ham. And ohhhh the burn.
Wax hurts like hell and you have to wait for it to grow in.
Lotion doesn't work.

So I came to terms with using the most cost effective way. The old razor. I am happy to present to you, Dorco, a high quality razor manufacturer for disposable razors for men and women. 
I was so impressed with how easy the packaging was to open! Usually opening a package like this requires scissors and too much effort. This, was effortless!
The product comes with a great  little dock with a suction to stick it t o the shower wall.
This particular razor has 6 blades! That's as much as a men's razor!
That scar on the foot, sorry bout that!
I of course took this opportunity to take a Detox Bath (find my recipe here)

Conclusion: After using the razor, I was extremely happy. My legs are silky smooth, the razor easily glided, and I didn't even need to go over the areas twice! I love their prices and the fact the razor still came with an extra cartridge for the minimal bucks. I will continue to use the Dorco products!

You can also get 20% off your purchase with them using this code:
Coupon Code: KQZOD3N997
Discount Amount: 20% off
Number of Uses: 1 per customer
Expiration Date: 4/30/14

Now, as for my silky leg secret? Instead of using shaving cream, use baby oil or conditioner! It works like a charm! This also helps moisturize while you shave, which is crucial in preventing razor bumps and those red dots.


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  1. wow - ok i'm a believer... six blades is pretty amazing!! thanks Lauryncakes!


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