Humble Hilo Handbag

I am so excited about this bag, I can hardly stand it! I caught eye of these bags made by Humble Hilo and literally had to have one within that week. Humble Hilo is a company that takes traditional huipil (read further to find out what that is) to make one of a kind bags made from recycled material. That makes each bag a work of art and extremely unique. After you buy a bag, you then get the choice of donating a portion of your money to some  women and children in Guatemala for either food, education, or a microcredit loan. That's right, a portion of each bag's price is given to charity. Not to mention you are employeeing a female guatemalan to create the bag! Nothing feels better then shopping for cute purses, than shopping for cute purses and also doing some good in the world. 

"Humble Hilo incorporates intricate and culturally rich Guatemalan textiles into our products, while also creating job opportunities for impoverished Maya families. While traditional native dress has disappeared in many parts of the world, Guatemala remains a place where many of the indigenous people still proudly wear their traditional dress called “traje”. This colorful, hand-woven dress is an art form passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Each Maya village has their own specific pattern and style of traje, and often use different weaving techniques.  The "huipil" is a traditional, square-cut blouse that is hand-woven and heavily decorated with embroidered designs. "Corte" is the traditional Mayan skirt usually woven on a hand-loom. The huipil and corte are universal elements of every woman's traje. The materials we use in our products are literally pieces of art and deeply entrenched in the Guatemalan culture. "(text found here)


Bag: Humble Hilo size Small

Just so everyone knows... Spencer loves the bag just as much as I do for two reasons: 1. because he served is mission in Guatemala and loves the people and 2. because he can now give me every item he doesn't want to carry when we are out and about so that I can carry it for him in my purse.

It's time the men had purses, too.


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