Day Date: Registering, Blue Man Group, and Pigging Out

So I have been hanging on to this post forever... two weeks ago Spence and I registered at Target (finally!) We made a trip out of the day. (there are no Targets in Logan, so we traveled further south to Salt Lake.) We made our usual stop at In-N-Out for me. (also not inLogan, what the heck?!) Spent a couple fun hours in Target, then headed to the Blue Man Group concert. This was a belated birthday gift to Spencer for his 23rd. Such a blast! They Blue Men are hilarious and so talented with music. I'm glad they were able to tour the US and stop in Utah for half the Vegas price. After, we of course hit up The Pie. Duh! Only my favorite pizza ever.

PS I know the pics of us at the Blue Man Group are awful... but they are the only ones we got!



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