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I was given these products in exchange for review.

First things first... I am IN LOVE with The Little Flower Soap Company. It is this little shop on Etsy owned by Holly. EVERYTHING is naturally colored, scented, and made. To me this is so reassuring. One of my fears is that one day I will come down with a disease from a toxin I have put into my own body. With The Little Flower Soap Co I don't have to worry about compromising my hygiene for that fear. 

Before I even get into the breakdown of what I got from my fun Mother's Day Gift Set, I have to mention how delicious everything smells. I literally could smell the aromas coming from inside the box when it was delivered. You couldn't have paid me to stop smelling everything once I delicately opened the cute package it came in. My whole family was probably sick of me saying, "here smell this again!" I can tell you now though, everyone had their favorites from the box!
This Rosemary Lemon Mint body soap has the perfect amount of citrus to the perfect amount of home-y (that rosemary though!) This is my dad's favorite. He is a firm believer in bar soap and loves the two scents together.
This Muscle Rescue Balm is seriously heaven on Earth. It is my favorite. Not only does it smell good (almost a cinnamon peppermint) but it does the trick. My foot that had surgery in December has been a huge literal pain lately and has swollen. I slathered that puppy up with the Muscle Rescue and viola! The next day it was down  in size. It is now two days later and my foot wasn't even hurting me at the gym. I AM A NEW CONVERT. The Skin Rescue Balm also smells so good. I really cannot figure out the lavender and peppermint and citrus go together so well, but they do! This is for dry skin, but I in particular have been using it for my cuticles. It works like a charm! Just rub them gently into cracked cuticles (I like to go for as long as I can), and they should look better within a few days!
Oh gosh. Let me just repeat myself, but this Grapefruit Bath Salt smells sooooo good! I haven't found time to take a full on bath since I recieved this package on Friday, But I am looking forward to it. If any of you have read about my DETOX BATH RECIPE, then you will know about epsom salt. This helps to sooth muscles but not only that, it detoxifies! (always drink water when taking this detox bath)
Last but not least... the lip balms! Spencer couldn't get enough of the Vanilla Lip Balm while my mom would have stolen the Almond Lip Balm, so I just handed it over to her. They glide on easily (one of my BIG must haves for good lip balm), the stay on, and I don't feel like my lips appear dry after (some, like Burt's Bees, do this for me). I give them a solid 10 in my book.

The following are all care of (c/o) The Little Flower Soap Company
Body Balm- Muscle Rescue & Skin Rescue
Bath Salt (the good kind!)- Uplifting Pink Grapefuit
Lip Balm- Vanilla & Almond

Don't believe my reveiws? Check out Holly's products on Etsy and use the code SWEETPEA10 for 10% off your order. But if I were you, I'd grab this whole Mother's day box before it's too late. Mom will love it:)


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  1. I wish I could smell the grapefruit through the computer!

    Fearlessly Authentic

  2. Ha! I agree with Karen! ^^ I want to smell them - they look amazing!
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