Taking Stock

Making- last minute wedding plans
Cooking- steak skewers with spence!
Drinking- Diet Coke again... crap!
Reading- study guides for finals
Wanting- every article of clothing I come in contact with... but still a kimono , this swimsuit, and a wide brim fedora.
Looking- at old pictures of Spencer
Playing- hookie from studying
Wasting- my time from finals.
Wishing- That the wedding was done. I just want to be on our Caribbean honeymoon already!
Enjoying- my free time with it the last week of the semester!
Waiting- to pack up my apartment
Liking- snap pea snacks. SAY WHAT?!
Hoping- to find a suitable summer job!
Marveling- at how big the world is, there are just so many people.
Needing- a tan. toned body. bikini. waves. salty hair. - this has not changed.
Smelling- flowers mmm fresh flowers
Wearing- pajama bottoms and my blouse from today. too lazy to wear pants, but too lazy to change all the way.
Following- my fiancee around. I am in love, okay?!
Noticing- That I am an introvert.
Knowing- that this will be one of my favorite summers yet.
Thinking- WHEN CAN I START HIKING?! This foot is killin' me.
Feeling- anxious.
Bookmarking- clothes, clothes, clothes.
Opening- wedding gifts
Giggling- this freaking dog eating with his hands. and this picture.

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