Troubled Skin Facial Serum

I was given this product in exchange for a review, but believe me, ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN.
If you looked at my skin 2 months ago... you would not believe it now! Even 2 weeks ago, although on the right track, it was still troubled. I have done a round of Acutane- oh the horrible dry face! I have a rigid facial routine of using my Clarisonic, and more recently, Gingerchi to cleanse. I even have a dark complexion, which in most cases tends to mean less skin irritation. NOTHING WORKED! Acutane worked for a year, then BAM... back into the same business. After visiting my dermatologist, he suggested not going back on it since I don't want to be dry-faced for the wedding. Instead, he sent me home with some antibiotics and said to always moisturize. 
Now, that cleared most of the skin up... but the problem after skin clarification? SPOTS. I had a bad case of the red spots where the pimples were healing.
Introduce Rainwater Botanicals into the picture. I had been in the market for a better "serum" aka, moisturizing cream, that was more natural. I found what I wanted right at the Etsy story! Not only do they keep my face moisturized, the red spots are gone... and the pimple potion had a pimple gone within 2 days!
The best part about these items- besides the way they work- is the smell! They smell of Frankincense and Sandalwood. YUM.
A dime-sized dollop will do!
Do you see any pimples?! I don't! AND?! I AM WEARING NO MAKEUP TO COVER THEM UP.
I just want all readers to know that I tried the products for a week and a half before posting, just to make sure that they work!
Troubled Skin Facial Serum: c/o Rainwater Botanicals (only $4!) | Pimple Potion: c/o Rainwater Botanicals (only $1!)

Until May 3rd, use the code MAYFLOWERS for 15% at the store!
(this is a steal since the entire store is pretty freakin' cheap!)

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  2. This looks really gooood! :)

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