Glen CoCo

TShirt: c/o MoodCatz  (similar)| Kimono: Forever21 | Shorts: Levis; Thrifted&Cut

Can you BELIEVE this shirt?! It is from Moodcatz and it is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, we all know Mean Girls quotes will forever be cool. Therefore, Glen CoCo will always be cool. This is the day that Spence and I deemed our favorite of the cruise.We spent the entire day on the beach, tanning, wading in the water, snorkeling, and hitting up the beach food bar for some more JERK food. Snorkeling with Spence will be one of my favorite memories of our honeymoon.
2 HILARIOUS stories from that day.
1. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we are often reminded of the troubles that can come from gambling. It is recommended that we stay away from it because of the heartache it can bring families, so please know as I share this story, I do NOT reccomend gambling to anyone. We simply lucked out.
So Spencer and I had gone to the casino a couple of nights while on the cruise to play a couple arcade like games (ever played that dang quarter game where you try to knock them off balance?!) and we had seen many people over at the crane machine. It is the one pictured above and is much like the stuffed animal ones, except minus the stuffed animals, and with stacks of dollar bills in there. When walking out to the port that day, we had to go to the casino to get change for our shopping (NOTE: when traveling, carry small bills so you can barter better). There was that crane machine, sitting there all unassuming. Spencer spotted this stack of 100 dollar bills sitting in there against the glass and looked at me.
"We have to try it, " he said.
"Absolutely not, we have already been cut off of the casino, we have spent like, $25 here and gotten nothing!" I said.
"Look I have just one $1 bill here, it costs a dollar. It's gotta happen."
And It happened.
And the crane slowly went down. Terrifying music in the background of the game made my pulse speed up.
As it grabbed the stack I gasped, knowing it had made it thus far, but would likely open its deathly claws to let the stack go.
But it didn't! And we went out of the casino $74 richer. (yeah, minus our losses)

2. First let me give a prologue. When out shopping for last minute things before the cruise I grabbed the sunscreen and face sunscreen, and asked Spencer for his input on the SPF. He said he didn't care, he doesn't, and probably wouldn't use sunscreen anyway.
Keep that in mind.
And that I am the dark-skinned one here who is conscious about our SPF choices.
So when in Grand Cayman we went snorkeling, and Spencer finally asked me to apply some sunscreen to his back. I slathered some on quickly and we went on our way. I didn't even stop to think that we had our backs to the sky for at least an hour and a half.
I also didn't noticed that I lacked the skill at putting sunscreen on others, as I missed his entire lower half of his back.
Let's just say, the chef served lobster that night. And his name was Spencer.


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  1. Yay for good luck! Ha! That never happens to me! And boo for sunburns! I was so burned in Jamaica, it hurt to the touch- the worst in my life and I don't burn easy! Hope it's better now! Love the tee and mean girls reference! Http://

    1. Hahah thanks! Yeah boo for sunburns. They can really damper a party! Thanks for the compliments

  2. ahhh poor Spencer - glad my girl is wearing sunblock - great photos and funny haha too funny stories!

    1. Hahaha yeah I decided I don't want skin cancer!

  3. That shirt and kimono are too fab! I so wish I was on vacation right now!


    1. Thank you! PS I wish I was on vacation again too!

  4. Love graphic t-shirts. It goes so well with denim shorts and your kimono is gorgeous!! Love your photos!

  5. Gorgeous piccys! Wish I was on holiday right now instead of being sat in my garden! Thanks for linking up another blog to #AllAboutYou xxx

    1. I wish I was on vacay still:( Can't life be a constant holiday?!


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