Honeymoon Road Trip Featuring Gola

For our honeymoon, we are leaving from Galveston, Texas to go on a Caribbean cruise. Instead of flying out to Texas, Spence and I decided it would be way too fun to road trip! We were both right and both wrong at the same time. It was great to see a ton of the West, but also a bit demanding on my hindquarters. A 24 hour drive is quite the feat! We even managed to get so tired last night, that we pulled over at a random gas station and slept in the back of my Outback. Starting off our marriage right with relationship building adventures!
Anyway, I got these awesome Gola shoes (don't you just love the floral pattern?) and Wore them pretty much the entire way down. They are so comfy and have a casual sporty look to them that I have been trying to achieve this Spring. Can't wait to show them off some more on the boat!
Shoes: c/o Gola

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  1. Lol that's some great scenery care of those shoes. Pretty and pretty cool 😎 💜💖

  2. Loving the idea of the same shoes in a lot of scenarios!


    1. Thanks! If only I had them in the same exact spot so I could make a flipbook

  3. Funny, I started off just looking at the sneakers, and then moved my eye to the scenery behind. Fab kicks. #AllAboutYou

    1. Thanks, they are some of my favorite sneakers in my pack


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