Jamaican Dreams

Swimsuit top: Saha c/o Sundance Beach | Swimsuit Bottom: Saha c/o Sundance Beach | Hat: forever 21

As in cannot get enough of this Saha swimsuit from Sundance Beach. I have kind of a larger badonkadonk (when feeling especially body-consious, I refer to it as being pear-shaped) which can prove to be difficult when finding swim bottoms. I have always strayed away from 'strappy' side bottoms for fear of looking strange... but these bottoms are heavenly! I feel like I never want to go back to tie-side string bottoms. 
Did I mention that if you go to Jamaica you WILL be offered weed?
In fact, one of the first memories of our cruise was getting on our shuttle to the boat. A couple in their later 50's were just getting back. The guy said, "Have fun! You'll love the Caribbean. We even smoked with the locals in Jamaica!"
& we were offered ganja at leaaast ten times. no exaggeration.
Of course, we don't smoke weed.
Which leads me to my next story...
We got in a cab (they are all just people who own cars and drive you around) and a large (like Biggie Smalls large!) guy started offering us  a smoke after we talked with him for a minute.
I quickly said, "Thanks, but we don't smoke!"
He laughed and said, "oh! Don't worry, I gotcha! Here's a [weed] brownie!"
when we turned him down, he continued to open up his glove box and offer us bourbon and then a cuban cigar when we turned down the drank.
Spencer and I got a kick out of this.
He had probably not seen straighter people in his life!
Sorry, Notorious, my party days are long over. 


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  1. Haha about the weed offerings and you look gorgeous in that suite! I tend to have a pear shape body too and I personally love it. Embrace your lovely curves (;

    Dearest Lou

    1. Hhahahah seriously! The weed offering were hilarious. Thank you! Glad you can share my body woes.


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