tropical storm

Dress: Volcom c/o Sundance Beach

Honeymoon part 24,000,000,000
& I wore this cute dress from Sundance Beach all day long
This was our first day on land in the Caribbean and boy was it a treat.
On cruises you can choose to book "excursions" through the ship. These are (expen$ive) ways to have fun off the boat. They are usually safer ways to do fun things too, because when booking through the cruise, the boat will stay around if the excursion goes too long. If you are off on your own, and you are late, the ship will set sail without you. EEK!
Spence and I chose to forego any excursions the entire trip to save money (we are talking about $100 a person per excursion, which can add up!) and just because we are adventurous. Something about the thrill of possibly being left behind in the Caribbean fascinated me.
So, when we first got there, we were dropped at a bus station. It was humid and disorganized like any third world country. We kind of looked around like lost puppies for five minutes until Spencer prodded me to go ask where the bus for Margaritaville was (he prodded me so I would be outgoing, not because he is demanding!).  We quickly were pointed in the right direction and we were soon on our way on a bus (one of those big 15 passenger white vans) for $5 a piece. The bus even included a cute-accented Jamaican women to give us a tour while we drove.
We arrived and snuck away from Margaritaville (until lunchtime) to go to the beach to the South. It was $6 a person to get in but we were given access to clean bathrooms, showers, a jumping trampoline and beautiful water. That is where we took the pictures of my new Volcom dress from Sundance. It is actually a strapless coverup, but my swimsuit underneath it makes it appear to be held up. It was comfy and airy to wear in the humid heat! I am in love with it.
Once we got hungry, we headed back to the restaurant were we enjoyed diet coke, jerk chicken & rice and beans, and yummy key lime pie. Earlier that week I had been checking the weather in the Caribbean and had freaked out because it said thunderstorms the entire time we would be there. Luckily, when we arrived it was beautiful. Within ten minutes of getting to lunch, it stormed a tropical storm and we were so glad to find cover! The perfect timing. I forget that tropical rain is different than Utah rain. It was warm, and quick, and during their rainy season it happens almost once a day, hardly affecting anything. After lunch was over, the rain has disappeared and so had the clouds. Such an interesting climate!
We headed back to the beach were we jumped on the water tramp (I wish we had pics!) and saw a water spout! (wish I had a picture of that as well!)
Later, we ha quite the adventure when we went downtown where the locals shop to find some bootleg movies. We were so sick of the same movies being played on the ship tv! Jamaica is interesting, because everyone is happy, no matter their circumstances. It also has a large crime rate though. So while we were shopping we would have unassuming strangers come and say they would help, some genuine, some a little shady. You have to be so careful not to let the wrong person lead you into the wrong store! We finally were walking by some travel officials (they kind of look like police, with the uniform and gun, and handcuffs) who had been watching us. They said they would escort us to the bootleg movie store because, "Sometimes people see travelers here and try to get them to do things they shouldn't." They made me feel more safe since we had already had quite a few run ins with old men scoping us out and asking us to visit certain stores down alleyways.
My thoughts: I thought it was an interesting day and I loved being able to see the beach and the culture. However, I do not think I would return to Jamaica because there is not a whole lot to do around there unless you drink and smoke:)

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  1. You look absolutely adorable in that volcom dress, looks perfect for a hot summer day at the pool or beach. I'm so jealous of your honeymoon sounds so fun and romantic. I would love to go to the Caribbean one day.

    Dearest Lou

    1. Thank you! It was one of the best vacations I have been on. We are broke now, but wouldn't trade it!

  2. How cute are you! What a beautiful place! Makes me crave a vacation asap! Glad I found your blog on the Honestly Beautiful link up :) xo


    1. Thank you! I just got back and am craving a vacation. It's hard to get rid of the travel bug!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! You look very cute!

  4. Very cute dress! And interesting to hear your perspective on Jamaica! I was there a few weeks ago, and the resort we stayed at honestly turned me off from ever wanting to go back to the Country again ever. But that's a whole story in and of itself! Glad you were able to find some honest people to guide you to the right place - you are braver than I am!
    Carylee |

    1. Thank you! But I am so interested in hearing more about this story! Do you have a blog post on it?! Jamaica was such an interesting place, especially coming from such security here in Utah. I hope I didn't sound like a brat!


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