How to Apply Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Nail Wraps: c/o Alison Dodds from Jamberry

Disclaimer: my cuticles are the driest skin known to man! I have tried plenty of things to make them look better, but working in chlorine has been the worst on them. Please don't judge!

Alright, have you ever tried to put on those pesky nail wraps? I sure have. They have some amazing patterns that I would never be able to achieve painting my own nails. Plus they look crisp and clean, what ever working girl needs her hands to look like! So I went on a mission to find out the CORRECT way to put those 'pesky' nail wraps on. You know what I found out? if you put them on the right way then they don't give you problems! Not so pesky anymore, are we?!
I picked out these vintage chic wraps from Alison's shop and then had her coach me through putting wraps on. Since she does her own nails, she was able to tell me how to make mine look top shape! Now, if I had to choose a shop to buy my nail wraps from, it would be Jamberry because for the price, they give you a ton of different sizes to choose from in one set! This means you'll have left overs enough to  wrap your toes, or even better, do your manicure again! It takes the cake in my book. Happy wrapping, kids!

ALSO, the winner to the $75 Swag Bag from Brickyard Buffalo is Mihaela D!



  1. oh what a lovely print!! so fun!

  2. Love this!! Does that print have a name? It's so chic!!

  3. Super cute! I love the wrap you chose.



  4. I have worn these exact jams myself. Love the floral print. Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time. Hope to see you tomorrow.


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