Wedding Reception Preview

Cake Topper: c/o The Pink Owl Designs | Yellow & Blue Boutonniere: c/o Flower Decoupage | Wheat and Lavender Boutonniere: c/o Sparkle and Posy 

I have been itching to get my wedding photos back, but they are still in the process of being developed... However, I did manage to get ahold of some pictures! Some companies deserve a big round of applause and a shout out for helping Spencer and I have a wonderful evening!
I first saw my wedding cake design on Pinterest and just had to have it for our backyard reception. The only thing that could make the ombre cake better, was the topper that was added from The Pink Owl Designs. The text says forever and always, but they have a variety of texts, as well as customizable designs. The topper was easy, all we had to do was push the stick (they came attached) into our cake. Instantly adorable.
How amazing do these boutonnieres look? It was part of the rustic outdoor back yard wedding to have matching-but-mismatched decor. Part of the decor just happened to be worn! A big shout out to Sparkle and Posy for their addition of the Wheat and Lavender boutonniere, as well as Flower Decoupage for throwing in the cute Yellow and Blue boutonniere with my bouquet (which can be viewed in our bridals, here)!



  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time!

  2. yum yum good! Hopped over from Whitney's Personal Style Linkup - enjoy the rest of the week.


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