Getting Married in a Castle

It rained constantly the week of my wedding. I was fearful, even teary-eyed, thinking our plans for a beautiful backyard reception were going to be washed away (quite literally). My best friend Jacky Springer flew in from California (where I grew up) and did everything she could to take away my stress that Monday morning (I was married on a Thursday). 
We did all the normal primping routines... nails, gossiping, retail therapy. But she was also a huge help with last minute planning and organizing. Megan Higginson (another bestie) flew into the rescue, and the night before, the three of us "arranged" the bouquets. PS- I think they look fabulous, but I am no flower shoppe expert. The three of us also went and decorated the entire reception yard in between rains. They are angels.
The morning of, I took off with my mom to get my hair done. I refused at first, but once in the chair with Candace, my favorite stylist, I knew that relaxing was exactly what I needed before the big day. While my mom and I lounged in the salon, my dad, brother, hubby, and of course besties went and set up tables and chairs and everything else for the final touches. 
I guess this is kind of my thank you to all that put so much time and effort and patience into my big day. It means so much to me.
That morning it drizzled, but by the time I was coming out of the temple, the sun was shining. We now see it as a miracle that somehow the rain stopped from the 10 AM to just after 9 PM (which is right when our reception ended). We joke that we must have paid our "tithes and offerings."
I also feel lucky that I was married in this beautiful "castle." The Salt Lake Temple was the temple my parents were married in, and also one of my absolute favorites to look at (amongst San Diego and Hawaii). Many might say another miracle happened that day when I got married in the temple ;) just kidding.
Spencer and I went home feeling extremly overwhelmed with love. Ever have a Christmas that just bombards you with gifts and love? You know that almost guilty feeling? That is the exact one I mean. I want to cherish that feeling that we talked about as we drove away to our honeymoon. It's nice to remember that you are loved and at that same moment, be humbled by it.
Thank you to everyone who helped, contributed, stopped by, or even was there in spirit. We love you.

PS we haven't forgotten your thank you cards... we both worked 2 jobs and more than full time this summer.
PSS stayed tuned for pictures from the reception.

Wanna know my "something borrowed..."?
Something Borrowed: My mother's wedding dress. That's right. I was married in my mother's wedding dress!
Something Blue: My nails and my husband's suit of course!
Something Old: I now wear my grandmother's wedding ring!!
Something New: My beautiful friend Jacky gave me the shoes I wore that day.



  1. You've made for one STUNNING bride! Congrats love!



  2. I always see rain as a good sign. Your dress is so whimsical and beautiful. You looked lovely on your big day. Congrats.

    Bright and Shiny

  3. You look do gorgeous! I love love your hair. Congrats!!!


  4. That temple really is beautiful and your whole wedding looks really gorgeous, relaxed, and happy! Congrats to you!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful, especially with that floral crown! And what a perfect "castle" to get married in :)
    xo TJ

  6. beautiful photos! you look gorgeous!


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