Healthy Summer Hair

Let it be known that I am not a hair expert. Just a girl with a ton of hair, a ton of experience, and someone who works in a chlorine pool for 20+ hours a week. So don't take my opinions as facts.
These are just the things that have worked for me.

+ 1. This means that you need to buy yourself some hair cholesterol. It seriously is so  cheap (this particular one- a whopping $3.59). It kind of looks like mayo. It kind of feels like mayo. Good news, it does not SMELL like mayo. It is more  of  a soft floral scent. It is kind of like deep conditioner with twice the potency, for half the price.
+ Apply liberally to dry or wet hair before going into the swimming pool. I like to apply it to dry hair, then put my hair into a tight bun. You should use about a quarter sized amount or more depending on the thickness of your hair. Make sure to really, really get your ends, since that is where the damage appears the most. Of course, you can rub it in so no one can even tell you have white goop in your hair. PLEASE, rub it in.
+ If I know I am going swimming, I like to brush my hair out prior to applying the cholesterol. Like, truly, brush it out. Give that scalp a massage, un-snag those snarls, get it frizzy. Don't make the mistake that I did and refuse to brush your hair. (The result? My scalp wasn't getting enough exfoliation leading to embarrassing flakes. & at the time I thought I was being good to my hair).
+ 2. One of the coolest things you can get for you hair is silver shampoo. It is not actually silver, but really purple. Turns out that the purple hue can make your hair less brassy. (Imagine the color of a tuba. Now imagine that as a hair color. Yuck.) This can also keep your hair blonde, instead of green. But it works for brunettes, too. Check out Daddy-O from Lush. A little more expensive, but I never say no to organic beauty products.
+ If you read my post about maintenance of thick hair, then you are in the know of my love for paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner. The kind I was using then has been discontinued, so I am constantly looking for a brand to become a loyal customer of. However, no matter the brand, it is a must. It keeps your hair from being exposed to unnecessary, drying chemicals and is easier on the scalp. You may have to search harder in the hair section to find it, but it is worth it. Since these products run a little more expensive, try going to TJMaxx and looking through their selection. (My friend who went to beauty school would say this is a no-no since the products can be expired, but I have never found an issue).
+ TIP: NEVER, as in ever, use a two in one shampoo. You might as well just wash your hair with water. Don't cut corners, ladies and gents.
+ 4. Your hair loves moisture just as much as we love water. In fact, we need it to function. So while your hair is still damp, put a nickel sized dollop of Moroccan oil in your hair. Everywhere. But, mostly on the ends (we don't want to look greasy at the roots)! My favorite is Organix brand because it smells good, lasts quite a while, and is affordable. (The $5 plunge may seem rough for a 3.3 oz. bottle, but I promise, it is worth it.)
+ Guess what? It is cool if you don't wash your hair everyday. Like, pretty hip right now, actually. It is also great for your hair so that it gets a chance to build up some oil and deliver it to the ends. A little oil never hurt anyone, ammmirite?
+ 5.  Lastly, leave it alone. Unplug the curling iron. Put the straightener away. It is already suffering enough heat damage from the sun, so don't add more! It is the Summer, so let your hair be wild and free. After all, hippie is the new chic.

I'd love to hear more hair tips from you below!

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  1. Loving these little tips! I definitely need to be better at treating my hair better during the Summer season with all the heat!
    xo TJ

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tips! I'm seriously ritualistic with how I treat my hair!

  2. Great tips!! You have amazing Hair!


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