vintage pink

Swimsuit: c/o DOTTO | Shorts: Target | His Shirt: Thrifted

I have always been a bikini person. Back when I was 13 and we had just moved to California, I remember begging my dad to let me wear one. He was strongly against it, but told me if I wanted to wear them, I had to pay for them. He would only pay for one pieces. So I did pay for them, and I had at least 15 different swimsuits at once. I felt more confident in a bikini than in a one-piece. To me, one-piece swimsuits hugged in all the wrong places.
Now, I own about 50/50. I can't get enough of one pieces. It is so nice to go swimming and not have to worry about a part of your swimsuit falling off! (if you live by the ocean, you knooow what I mean!)
This pink (it looks like corduroy) one-piecer is from DOTTO. They have tons of cute retro swimsuits available for KILLER prices. DOTTO even has a sale section where everything is under $10 (just type s a l e into the search box at the store). Best part? A proceed of every sale goes to a good cause. YAY! Shopping and helping out. WHAT WHAT.



  1. Beautiful pink for Summer, suits your tanned skin and looks great with denim!

  2. Nice bathing suit, love how it dips down in the back. Nice pics!


    1. When they dip in the back I think it makes one-pieces soooo flattering!

  3. I am obsessing with one-pieces now too! Love them, and love this colour too. #AllAboutYou

  4. I just love the color of that suit! It's literally my favorite shade of pink.

  5. That color works beautifully with your skin! I need to get myself a one piece!




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