How I lost 4.5 lbs in a Week

I was provided this product in exchange for a review, however, all thoughts, opinions, and truths, are 100% my own.

Perhaps you have seen my post about my body image issues growing up (and still now). If you haven't, I'd highly recommend reading it before reading my post here about The WiO diet.

I have struggled with keeping extra weight off whenever exercise becomes a low priority. I grew up in a family that values food. We communicate around the dinner table, celebrate by going out to dinner, eat treats at the end of a long work day. I had an unhealthy relationship with FOOD. 
It sounds silly, but everyone has some sort of relationship with food. Some have great relationships, they know when their body actually needs to eat something, rather than just wants to eat something. Others (like me) turn to food whenever they feel an emotion, or sometimes lack thereof. Food was comforting to me when sad. Food was celebratory to me when happy. As humans, we create cultures around food, making it a part of our lives as a friend, rather than maybe just an employee.
What I mean is that we should EAT TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO EAT. 
I have so many food habits, that I didn't recognize until I began the WiO protocol. As I thought about my diet habits right before I began the program, it dawned on me that I get a diet coke after a hard day at work, or a huge accomplishment, or when I need to stay awake. These events create a craving that cannot be satiated without the help of that diet soda. I realized that every time I go to the movies, I have to get theatre popcorn, because my family always has. In my mind, the movie would just not be as good without the companionship of a bucket of popcorn.  These were just two of my habits that revolve around food, but I can think of so many more holidays and events that create these food memories and comforts, that evolved from a one time event, to a huge problem in my life.
WiO is a program that came into my life so quick and fast, that I could not refuse. I have put on about 15 pounds since I had my foot surgery, it was literally weighing me down. I woke up and fought to put clothes on. I walked around shushing the voice in my head that worried about what I looked like. I went through entire days wondering when I would ever feel healthy and happy in my body again. My foot still hasn't healed to the point where I can exercise the way I wish. In fact, just 2 weeks ago, Spence and I found out it hadn't fused correctly yet, and here I had been running and playing hard on it. I wanted to be able to move and play the weight off, but the date for that kept getting pushed back. I needed another way to control my weight while I couldn't exercise.
WiO is a program that tackles the problem from the root of the issue. Unlike other diets, WiO realizes that there may be something more than calories that are holding people back from loosing the extra weight. They start by detoxing the body, allowing the pancreas and liver to catch a break from processed sugar and everything else we put into our bodies. You see, if your liver and pancreas are not working right, than your body will not be processing fat right. Thus, if you have a clean liver, you'll be on the right track to a healthy body.

Phase 1 Week 1 Protocol consists of 
-1 MRP Protien shake for b-fast
-1 MRP Protein shake for lunch + veggies OR unlimited lettuce
-Meat or seafood + veggies OR unlimited lettuce for dinner
-1 MRP Protein shake before bed

I started my first week on The WiO (I am now on week 2) by getting rid of all my habits with foods. I gave up Diet Coke (and all drinks, except water), I stopped eating sugars, I stopped eating carbs. My body was going through Phase 1, in which it needed to start the detoxification process. I won't lie, Day 1 and Day 2 were so difficult. Day 1 consisted of constantly telling myself no to my thoughts of the foods not on the protocol. I craved everything. I had a hard time even looking at food without feeling a gravitational pull towards it. Day 2 was haaaaard. I woke up sleepy, went to bed sleepy. My body had been deprived of carbs and caffeine for an entire day, and my body was switching over to the process of Ketosis (this is when our body goes to your body fat for energy instead of using carbs as a fast energy). Not only that, but I had the caffeine headache of all headaches. I think I even fell asleep early, just to get out of my hellish state. 
But then something magical happened. 
I woke up day 3 with energy. TRUE energy. Not the zipping and zinging, shaky hands kind of energy, but a calm kind. I felt aware, awake, and so alive. It was the best I had felt in so long. 

Now, I must rave about the shakes, because this entire diet I have never been hungry. I am completely full the entire day, sometimes so full that I don't want to eat my next meal (WiO requires that you eat every 4-5 hours, fasting is strictly against protocol). I complained my way through some days the first week simply because I was fighting my cravings. I was (and still am, but a lot less now) dealing with the separation of my memory foods. It took dedication and determination, but definitely NOT starvation. The coolest part is that the shakes themselves come in vanilla and chocolate, but WiO has so many different flavors! Below is the ENTIRE WALL of flavors that are available to customers to mix up their shakes with.

Now, to the coolest part. You begin the week by stepping on a scale. Not just any scale, but an InBody 570. This scale tells everything on a print out. Literally, weight, intracellular and extracellular fluids, how much of your body is fat (in pounds!) and how much is muscle/bones/organs. This machine is intense, and a great motivator in the beginning of week 1. I did NOT like the results I saw. The machine even told me on a scale where I rate in visceral fat (this is the potentially damaging fat around organs). This was the most upsetting to me, because I was rated moderate on the scale. I just simply don't want to live my life unhealthy anymore. This created the determination that I needed to say no to my cravings. 
The best part is that I get to say no to scales all week, and then get a surprise once a week when I go in to the WiO office and step on InBody 570. That's right, you are weighed weekly by your WiO coach to say motivated and on track. I went in for my weigh in for the start of week 2 on Tuesday and was met with a great achievement:
4.5 lbs lost, total of 3 inches lost, dropped .7 in my BMI and lost 1.1% body fat.
Kicked food in the butt.
Thanks WiO.



  1. Congratulations! Good for you!! Whooohooo!!

  2. Congrats, always great to hear that someone is successful on a journey to feel better!

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

    1. It's nice to not be ashamed! Thanks for the encouragement!


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