'ili coffee scrub

SCRUB: c/o 'ili

"Made with organic local Hawaiian coffee blend, water, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, vitamin e, and essential oils." - 'Ili

In order to keep your skin soft and young looking, it NEEDS to be exfoliated. Skin cells can build up, and up, causing your skin to be dry, flakey, and even hard (callouses). Maybe you have seen that I am a huge fan of scrubs, with my past pumpkin and cinnamon body scrub recipe, here. If you regularly give your skin the scrub that it needs, it can help get rid of that nasty build-up. Not only that, but scrubbing in circular motions improves circulation, and can help with cellulite (ever heard of dry brushing?)! 'ili is perfect for scrubbing off dead skin cells, using coffee to rub off all that unwanted skin and dehydrate bad water, and coconut oil to add good moisture back in.
When I used 'ili, I was first struck by the yummy smell! It of course smells like coffee, but it also has a tinge of ginger! I also received another bag with lavender mint scents and it is delicious. You just need slightly damp skin, a pinch of 'ili, and 5 minutes to scrub and let it soak in. After, your legs will feel brand new! Much silky, so soft.

Also, CONGRATS to Cynthia Gaarder for winning the Back to School Essentials giveaway! You have 24 hours to email me back:)



  1. Ok, I have to ask - do you get a tinge on your legs? My grandmother used to use coffee to dye crocheted jackets she made, so just wondered! I absolutely love scrubs too; thanks so much for linking to #AllAboutYou - do come back on Tuesday x


    1. Hi Zaz! Nope, no tinge was left on my legs! They came out the same color they were before.

  2. I want to try this. By the way, your website theme is so awesome!


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