Orange Fringe

NECKLACE: c/o Our World Boutique (sold out, LOVE THIS) | SHIRT& PANTS: LAST SEEN HERE Apt. 9 (on sale here&similar)

A casual post for this casual outfit. Sometimes you just get caught up? Maybe saying stressed, or a little anxiety-ridden feels more like it. We came back from our family vacay to California and suddenly the pressure is back on my shoulders- just as the plane landed. Spence and I still need to find an [note: affordable] place to live for this fall semester. Yep, in 20 something days... We shirked that responsibility for far too long! I have wedding after wedding to attend, a room to clean, a student teaching application to finish, thank you cards (say what?! we haven't done that yet?), and soooo many outfit blog collaborations (which I am not complaining about, btw, I actually feel quite #blessed. Just overwhelmed! Nothing like coming home to packages of collab clothing- it's like Christmas! But with a little pressure to get posts done in a timely manner). So my casual post turned into a casual vent sesh. So I'm stressed. So. What.
Anyway, we took these pics on our way to Disneyland. Spence and I decided it would be a good idea to walk, then figured out it was about 2 miles away. NOT fun walking in a boot (from my surgery, not a new injury) that far. But, despite the heat of my 5 pound walking boot, I felt pretty good wearing my orange fringe necklace from Our World Boutique. Long necklaces are my favorite. They say, "I look good, but I am not going to try too hard." Maybe I am a bit delirious from traveling? But that's what long necklaces always appear to "speak" to me. Besides the fact that they are perfect for layering. IN MY OPINION- the best way to accessorize.
PLUS. great news, necklaces are now 40% off at Our World Boutique when you use the code "BLINGITON"


  1. Pretty necklace...and I like the shirt too!


  2. That necklace is darling! You look so cute in that top! :)


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