the lake

This post is kind of late, but better late then never! Over the 24th weekend (Utah celebrates that it became a state in 1847, so it's a holiday much like Independence Day, with fireworks and barbeques), Spence and I drove up to Yellowstone to meet his side of the family. We spent our days in a cabin, graciously opened to us by the Hardcastle family. The cabin was beautiful, with the vaulted log ceilings, and stairs leading down to a dock on Henry's Lake. We spent our time catching up with the family, boating, eating, laughing, reading, and playing board games. It was such a fun family vacation, and the perfect way to unwind from a summer or 50 hour work weeks.

Some of the memories I will cherish:
- ATV rides with Spence (he scared the shi** out of me on that!)
- Paddle boating out into the middle of the lake with Spence, and trying to pick wildflowers (unsuccessfully, due to horrible balance)
-Smashing everyone at Settlers of Catan, and being smashed by Spence at Ticket to Ride and his dad by EVERY card game.
- Shower water that smelled like sulfur, and showering as fast as possible (oh, Yellowstone!)
-walking up nearly 100 steps from the dock to the cabin, and feeling the burn
- reading 'Gone Girl' while sitting on the porch swing
- Going kayaking down the river
- Going white water rafting
- Having a delicious dinner at G & G Hardcastle's house (steak that had been marinated for 4 days!)

I can't wait to go back.



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