I was recently sent a package from WANTABLE, in exchange for reviewing the entire process and makeup. I was excited when I first got into the experience, but I have now been blown away by the results! WANTABLE offers three different monthly options: makeup, accessories, or intimates. After choosing your favorite option, you take a quiz about your feelings towards the products. For example: I chose makeup as my WANTABLE box. The quiz then asked me to rate colors, whether or not I like pencil or liquid liner, shades of eyeshadows, ect. By the end of the quiz (which took about 5 minutes MAX) WANTABLE was able to match me with products! After the quiz, they send out 4-5 full size products to your home. You can do this every month for $36 or pay for it once for $40. The products I received totaled up to about $75, so it was worth it! 
I decided to show you before and after photos of using the makeup on my face. The left side (my right) has been finished, while the right only has foundation and bronzer on.
Side without blush, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, or eyeliner ^^
Side WITH WANTABLE makeup added. ^^
Showing left side with makeup, right side without^^
Notice the difference in the eyes from the Vincent Longo Liquid Liner on the left! ^^
The finished product, both sides of face complete.

All products are care of WANTABLE

Producuts in Package:
Cake Powder by OFRA- Blush/Bronzer Illuminating Blush Strips
Vincent Longo Lipstick in Indie Rose
Vincent Longo Everbrow Mirco Pencil in Brunette
Vincent Longo Liquid Eyeliner in Nerino

Other products used, not in WANTABLE package:
Mary Kay Concealing Foundation

PS If you are looking for a cool gift for a friend, you can send them a WANTABLE box! You just pay for their gift, and then they can go on and customize the quiz, and receive the box at their door!



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