Cotopaxi: Gear for Good

Something to know about Cotopaxi- they give back! For every outdoor item bought, they donate to a community in need! For instance-  when buying the Kilimanjaro backpack shown above, you help tutor and educate a child at the Tanzania orphanage for an entire week! This helps to counter their cost of food water, and shelter. Each backpack donates to a seperate place in need. It is the sweetest thing. The water bottle above helps give one person clean water in Bangledash for six months. Holy @%&! why are we not all buying these!? Plus, the backpack can fit all of my school items in it (there is even a laptop sleeve), and the water bottle keeps my water cold all day.
I have been dying to hike, ever since my surgery. Hiking is my thing. I have never loved going to the gym, running  or biking in place, staring at the wall or a television screen. The type of exercise I enjoy is the kind you don't even notice, that isn't mindless.
Back in the day, hiking used to actually bring me anxiety. I hated going camping with people who loved to hike, I hated when I went to summer camps, and hiked. I even hated an overnight backpack trip I went on once. However, when I was a sophomore in college, the hiking bug bit me. There was one Spring Break that I hiked every day, trying new places, pushing myself. Hiking forced me to learn my limit, and how to push past it. I hiked my favorite place, Heughs Canyon, everyday until I could hike to the top without stopping for breaks. It felt like a huge accomplishment, plus I was surrounded by streams, bugs, and flowers the entire time.
Ever since I had my foot in surgery in December, I have been dreading hiking again. You see, I hate failure. The idea of going on a hike, when my foot was ready, was scary because I wasn't sure I could compete with my old self. I was scared I might not even like it anymore.
Cotopaxi recently sent me one of their Kilimanjaro backpacks and water bottles, and I knew it was time. Spence and I drove to my favorite hike near Cottonwood Canyon and set out for our adventure. It was wonderful to experience the rocks under my feet, the sweat on my face, and the burning of working lungs. Turns out, hiking is in my blood, and I still crave it. Even now as I am typing this, I am looking forward to my next adventure in the mountains.
A few things I always bring on a hike:
-Water (bring about 2 bottles per person!)
-Light snack (an apple, peanut butter, a sandwhich)
-Bug spray & Sunscreen
-Cell phone, JUST IN CASE

Thanks, Cotopaxi, for inspiring me to find my confidence in hiking again, and for donating to those in need!



  1. I love hiking too.... I haven't done enough of it this summer! better get out there before the snow arrives!! :)
    xox, Crystelle

    1. Yes, you do need to get out there soon! I don't want the snow to come :( brrrr

  2. Isn't hiking the best?! These pictures are making me crave Summer starting all over again :)
    xo TJ

    1. It IS the best! Your pictures always make me crave hiking!

  3. Awww looks like an awesome place to hike. I miss doing this! Well done you for going for it. I have been running and got an injury and never run back.. hey I might go back to running too! #allaboutyou

    1. You need to girl! It is so tough after an injury, but you'll feel amazing after (even if it does hurt a little!)


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