mixed patterns

SHIRT: Alfani | SKIRT: c/o Little Miss Lorynn | SHOES: Charlotte Russe | BAG: c/o Dress Ve
I have a love for stretchy skirts, and flow-y fabric. This Little Miss Lorynn skirt provides the perfect elasticity for my comfort level, plus it is uber soft! I paired it with one of my Alfani chiffon button ups, matching the smaller polka dots on the back, to the large black diamonds on the skirt. Patterns, people!
Are you loving patterns as much as I am?

As for life lately, it has been all work for Spence, and all school for me. In between, we spend our time doing Ab Ripper X videos together, and re-watching the entire Breaking Bad series. The best news is that we are all moved in to our Logan apartment1 Despite its slightly old smell, the place is perfect for us. We even have an extra room, which I have taken the liberty into making it my personal, literal walk-in, closet. While Spencer was away in Salt Lake working this weekend, I had some fun at our local Peach Days event. It is sort of like a county fair, on a smaller scale. Some of the local photographers went down there, and I was asked to be a "model" (I say this because some of the girls there actually do model, I was like, "Uh, I pose like what?!"). It was super fun to pose in front of all the huge carnival games and rides, with camera lights and the whole shebang. Expect pictures from that soon!



  1. I love this! Your blouse is lovely, especially the back plus your skirt is stunning on you! I love the print and the pop of pink!

    1. Thank you for such wonderful compliments! The skirt reminds me of the queen of hearts:)

  2. great outfit, love the patterns together and that purse

  3. That skirt is beautiful, I love the pattern!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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