Making- birthday and Christmas lists
Cooking- Nothing. The college staples (i.e. mac n' cheese, rice, beans, ramen)
Drinking- protein shakings again starting today!
Reading- I want to read a book that is not a test book, any suggestions?
Wanting- These boots, this skirt, this perfume
Looking- Fall Fashion and Christmas gifts so I can buy them early or on Black Friday!
Playing- board games with Sara and Parker! 
Wasting- time, Senioritis is kicking in!
Sewing- I wish.
Wishing- To live in Salt Lake City, now.
Enjoying- being married. It is nice to fall asleep together.
Waiting- To be able to run again! I want to shoot balls with Spence!
Liking- Stix by Pringles. SO GOOD.
Loving- All the bloggers I have been meeting at local events.
Hoping- to lose some weight by my birthday!
Marveling- at teachers. How do they make it through the day without napping?!
Needing- a car wash, it is getting crusty.
Smelling- fall candles, can you say pumpkin spice?
Wearing- my dress from church still. What? It is comfy.
Following- Fashion trends and Shay from Pretty Little Liars
Noticing- that amusement parks are not as fun once you get older. Still dizzy from Lagoon on Saturday!
Knowing- that whatever I decide in life, my husband will support me.
Thinking- What will it be like to have a family? It sounds like so much work.
Feeling- exhausted but relaxed from getting homework done.
Bookmarking- clothes, business marketing tips, and teaching websites.
Opening- school books, packages from the mail, and Microsoft Word for school.
Giggling- Dogs and little kids. Always, dogs and little kids.


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