now you see me, now you don't

PANTS: c/o MASON & BELLE | SHOES: Thrifted | SWEATER: Urban Blues Boutique | VEST: thrifted | NECKLACE: c/o JUNGHWA

Funny thing about camo, although it is now fashionable (unless it is in Logan, Utah, in a non-ironic way. Hunters and hicks excluded, it is very fashionable), my husband and I love to make jokes about it. The day I received these jeggings from MASON & BELLE in the mail, I was subject to endless teasing. What is the joke, you may ask? Oh, just that you are invisible. The running joke between Spencer and I is that anyone wearing camo cannot be seen. That is the pure purpose of camo, am I right? To blend in? If someone is wearing full camo? They are invisible. If someone has a camo jacket? Their top half is missing. Pants? They have no legs. We wont even go into someone wearing a camo trucker hat. We like to quietly whisper and point out camouflage to each other while in public and say, "Whoa, where did that guy go?" It just makes us happy, and since now I have joined the flight of camouflage wearers, I am now the butt-end of all the jokes.
Now you see me, now you don't.

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