The Original Sweater Dress


Put  your favorite sweater over your favorite dress. It is the original "sweater dress." Yep, I am wearing a maternity dress. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. Far from it, really. The moment I saw this dress, glaring at me from the baby momma section, I knew I had to have it. It really isn't my first time (hah there is a pun for you!) hanging out in the Mama section. Back about five years, before tankinis were cool and I was living in California, the only place I found a modest swimmy was in the maternity section. Sitting right there was the perfect tankini. The truth is, unless you're looking at stretchy waist pants, or you have a serious belly, no one knows the difference! So next time you're coming up empty when searching for something to wear at the department store, check the maternity section-- it may just be the place to find your new baby-- err clothing!



  1. Love the outfit and the photos!!

  2. Ha! Love this - I got some gorgeous things when I was preggo, I might just have to dig them out again! The only thing I'd say to be careful about the dresses is sometimes the front is longer than the back to make up for thebump! Thanks for linking up to #allaboutyou xxx


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