Tunnel Vision

VEST: L'ATISTE | SWEATER: c/o The Classic Brand | JOGGERS: Rue21 | SHOES: c/o Forever Young Shoes
Maybe you remember Forever Young Shoes from this post, here, where I wore those adorable cheetah boots? Well, now they have done it again with replica Valentino Rockstuds! They are one of my favorite shoe stores because they have the best selection- literally any style of shoe you can think of! The shoes are always a great price as well. I wanted to dress up this heart sweater from The Classic Brand because I feel like sometimes I wear too many jean and a t-shirt outfits. I couldn't find the exact fur vest because this was recently purchased at the Uptown Cheapskate grand opening in Sugarhouse. It's my new favorite consignment store, I had no idea how many upscale brands they carry!
Ever had tunnel vision? If you have, you know it feels and looks exactly how it sounds. I am a serious fainter. I actually can handle pain really well, believe me, I walked around on fractured feet for years! However, mention one small thing going wrong in my body, and I get the cold sweats. I can't handle the idea of something happening to my eyes. The thought of a serious illness makes my stomach queasy. Even giving blood makes me light headed. Just last week Spencer and I were jauntily walking across the street when a car came out of nowhere. We had to sprint across the street really fast, and not being used to cardio, my muscle cramped super hard. Now it wasn't the pain that made me keel over, oh no. As soon as my mind started reeling of the possibilities that could be wrong with my leg, I had to sit with my head between my legs and chug water. It is the silliest thing. I have come to think of them as panic attacks, but they only happen when I fear my body is in danger. Unmistakeable, uncureable, and uncomfortable. Tunnel vision; made me weak since my first dilated eye exam.



  1. So chic, love it!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  2. great photos! I want to go to this tunnel! :)

    1. Thanks, Spence is getting better and better at taking photos. you would love this tunnel.


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