Eyelash Extensions by Syna Harris

Syna Harris | Home Salon
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Syna contacted me a couple of weeks ago and offered me a deal I could not say no to! She wanted to do my eyelash extensions in exchange for a review on my blog.
My following review is completely honest and is unbiased.

Syna's salon is located at 3173 S. 500 W. Nibley, Utah.
When I first walked into Syna's home salon, I was instantly taken by how cute and clean it appeared. Once she told me the salon was a former garage- I was baffled! So much effort was put into making the salon full of Syna's personality.
For those of you that have not ever had extensions done- it is a completely pain-free process. You lay down on a massage table for a couple of relaxing hours, close your eyes, and either nap or talk with the licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. One false eyelash is attached to the base of one natural eyelash. These are attached with a glue that does not harm the eyes or skin. When done properly, the eyelashes remain intact for about 3-4 weeks without a refill, and they also leave no trace of damage to natural lashes.
I have had a bad experience experience with lashes that were not properly put on- but Syna provided a much different experience. I was able to relax the entire time, actually have a conversation (instead of small talk), and the results turned out amazing! The number of people who have complimented my lashes since the extensions have been put on cannot even be numbered. Best part? People can't tell they are extensions! They tell me they look like natural lashes when I tell them about getting extensions.

Syna is offering a $25 discount to a full set and a free eye treatment to anyone who follows her Instagram @synaharris, Facebook, or Bloglovin'. OR LIKE/FOLLOW all three and get $35 off your first full set!
Book your appointment with Syna at the phone number (435) 230-4659


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