How I bought 2 name brand tops, for $2.92

YEAH, you read that right! I bought TWO name brand items- one from THE LOFT and the other from NIKE-
for only 2 dollars and 92 cents.
"HOW SO?" you may ask. Well only at Like Twice.
It is a consignment website that sells only top quality used clothing, for killer deals.
I wasn't paid to tell you this. Nor was I given free clothing in order to tell you this.
I just want to share a good deal when I see one!
P  l  u  s...
Cyber Monday is upon us and (if you are not already shopped out) I am sure you are looking for some sweet deals.
Read on to find out how!

Here is what I bought:
like twice cheap clothes

like twice consignment

Now, to the part you're dying to know: how did you go from spending $33 to just $3?
Well here is how:

Step One:  Create a Twice account - remember this username and password because you will use it shortly after!

Step Two: Find 2 friends- preferably 2 with IPhones, but androids work as well!

  • For every Iphone that downloads the TWICE app, you get a $10 discount (download, then login using your new account info. Make sure to do this on each phone). You can do this up to 3 times for up to $30 off.

  • For every Android that downloads the TWICE app, you get a 50% coupon (download, then login using your new account info. Make sure to do this with each phone you download on).

The bad news, this will only work for your account for up to three downloads. Find the combination of Android/Iphone you want to use (I'd recommend 3 Iphone downloads, or 2 Iphone downloads and 1 Android.)

Step Three: Now try using the coupon trendsetter at checkout for 15% off.

Step Four: ALSO. If you are shopping on Cyber Monday, use these:
image from Like Twice

From my experience, you can absolutely combine your store credit, and I am pretty sure stack your coupons. So have at it ladies! Perhaps you can find better deals than I?



  1. Wow! You did awesome with this deal! I'm a bargain shopper so this makes my little heart pitter patter lol.

  2. Thanks for the tips, those a nice tops for that price! Who doesn't like a great bargain!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is such a steal. Thanks for all your shopping and bargaining wisdom!

  4. That is AWESOME! I've never even heard of that site, so what a great find! I'm super jealous :) Good work!


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