Dutch Fishtail Braided Headband Tutorial

dutch fishtail
HAIRBRUSH: Ecotools Detangler care of Influenster | WHITE SWEATER: Urban Blues | GRAY SLEEVELESS CARDIGAN: care of Lucy and Lyla (see an outfit post of this soon)

ecotools brush
fishtail tutorial

1. Brush all the tangles out of hair; braiding hair becomes extremely hard when there are knots involved! I used my new Ecotools Detangler brush that I received in my latest VoxBox. It has smaller bristles that comb right through hair without unnecessary pulling.

2. Part hair on favored side (or switch is up and part right down the middle)!

3. (begin with bigger side) Grab a small section of hair, starting with the hair nearest you forehead, going about 2 inches back.  Separate the hair into two even sections.

(for those of you who do not know how to fishtail braid, you take two sections of hair and braid them together. You start by taking a smaller piece of one section, and bringing it over to the other section. Repeat with the other section. Repeat this all the way down your hair)

4. Begin a fishtail braid, braiding about 2 inches down. Instead of bringing hair in front of you hair, tuck the hair underneath. This gives us the "Dutch" look, making the hair stick out more. 
5. After braiding about 2 inches down, begin to pick up hair that wasn't included in the braid, just as you would when French braiding. Continue picking up new hair, and adding it to a smaller piece of one of the two sections. Tuck that combined piece under, and repeat with other section.

6. When the braid gets past your ear, start back on a regular dutch fishtail, without picking up hair.

7. Hold the hair at the bottom and pull on strands to "fluff" them up. The fluffier, the thicker your hair appears! Tie it off with a clear elastic.

8. Repeat the braid on the other side of your head. Pull them back into a ponytail. Viola!

Hair tutorial and idea came from Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde



  1. I am terrible at doing my hair but I may give this one a try....My hair is kind of thing so I'm not sure if it will work well for me but we'll see! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Girlfriend, I am TERRIBLE at doing my own hair as well! I think you can do this. Just practice a couple of times, because it gets better each time!


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