Year of the Choker Necklace

choker necklace
You're probably thinking, "A choker necklace? In 2015?" Yes, a choker necklace. But, the fashion world has evolved from the stretchy black chokers that adorned my preteen neck. There is a new and improved version that pulls out all of the stops in chicness. 
Emma Joy offers a couple more affordable versions with gems. Simply expand the necklace at the open ends, and wrap around your neck! (Want to feel a little more sophisticated? This Gold Tusk Choker takes it to the next level.)
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casual friday
long cardigan
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CHOKER NECKLACE: gift from Emma Joy | SHOES: Seychelles | PANTS: Jordache | TOP: Nordstrom | DUSTER/CARDIGAN: TJMaxx

Now, if you can spend a little extra cash, I might recommend using SHOPBOP! They have some killer choices that look elegant, such as these Vanessa Mooney chokers. If you want a simpiler version, try the Jules Smith chokers that are gold plated. Feeling edgier? Check out Eddie Borgo- he makes some of the best punk-chic jewelry around.

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  1. I'm excited to see that Choker Necklaces are a fashion statement for 2015. I've always loved choker necklaces. The one you have pictured here with the gems is sweet!

  2. While I think that this necklace looks amazing on you, I am really not that excited to see the chokers come back. Although this version is much better than the 90's version. They always seem to look out of place on me. I guess I'll have to get used to it!

  3. Super pretty! Love seeing new (much better ;)) takes on old trends.

  4. I like this choker necklace better than the ones we had back in the day :-) Much more dressy and sophisticated!

  5. I totally love this outfit! It's so nice and casual and most of all it looks super comfy! That choker is just the right touch! I don't think they will ever go out of style. =)

  6. All for this choker necklace!! You styled it perfectly! -B


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