MaskCara Contour and Highlight Tutorial x Evian Mineral Spray

I have never been much of a makeup kind of girl.
My routine is a quick five minutes of only the essentials. Recently, I received the MaskCara Custom Palette makeup and am beyond thrilled. My routine is not much longer than it was before, but the difference is astounding! By using the creme foundation, blush, and illuminator, my face shape can be accentuated, instead of appearing flat. 

evian mineral spray
contour and highlight makeup
mascara custom palette

In the tutorial video above, I show how you can use your own custom palette to contour and highlight your facial features. I also incorporate my favorite Bobbi Brown mascara, Stila liquid eyeliner, and Evian Mineral Spray.
What I love about the MaskCara palette is that it can go anywhere! It is about the size of my hand, and all four cremes (contour foundation, highlight foundation, blush, and illuminator) magnetically attach inside the compact for easy application. The brushes are not included in the kit, but I used the brushes I already owned at home, and my fingers to apply the blush.
Later, my Evian Mineral Spray was used to set the makeup for the complete look. The spray has a cooling mist that settles right on top of the makeup to give a dewy affect. This can also be reapplied throughout the day to revive or rehydrate skin and makeup. I also thought it would be nice to take to the gym or on a hike!

MASKCARA CUSTOM PALETTE: Stone Contour Foundation, Wheat Highlight Foundation, Dahlia Blush, and Pearl Illuminator | MINERAL SPRAY: Evian | MASCARA: Bobbi Brown | LIQUID EYELINER: Stila | CONCEALER BRUSH: E.L.F. | POWDER BRUSH: Real TECHniques | SMALL CREME BRUSH: Real TECHniques



  1. Great tips! I like the idea of using Evian spray throughout the day.

  2. I will definitely share this info with my daughter who loves makeup and trying out new ways to do her face!

  3. Great tips. I've learnt something new today.

  4. These are some great tips! Thanks for sharing.


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