What I Ordered From: ShopBop Sale

ShopBop is having a Friends and Family sale for Spring! Everyone can get an extra 25% off at check out by using the code SPRING25. Here are the items I have ordered-- some I already received in the mail because #3dayshipping #whatwhat The sale is over by the 10th, so hurry!
More details on the sale are located here.

 Jeffery Campbell Black d'Orsay Flats
Jeffery Campbell
These have already come in the mail, (free 3-day shipping FOR THE WIN) and I love them! I am not much of a flats girl, because I am highly aware of my bigger ankles (due to all the scar tissue built up over the year from my bad ankles). BUT, these will go perfect with any jeans or dressy/casual looks. I already have Jeffery Campbell's mesh mules, and he has some mesh pumps as well here.

A Free People Jumper
free people

I just ordered this today. Can't say how it fits-- yet! It looks like it will be really comfortable and the drawstring hits at just the right place. It can be detrimental when a seam or drawstring hits at the waist for someone with big hips. It accentuates a smaller waist, but makes hips look huge! I really like how the fit of this romper has the drawstring hitting at the hips, which will make them look smaller. I'll have to wear this when I go to the beach! Check out other rompers here. (TIP: Sort your search by Price: Low to High-- you can still apply the SPRING25 code to sale items)

A pair of distressed Blank Denim
ripped jeans

These have actually already come in the mail as well! To be honest, they weren't for me. I have the hardest time finding ripped jeans that still make me feel slender. With a bigger frame, I also look for jeans that have a certain length and fit. The length was a little short for someone who is 5' 9". I love jeans that can reach all the way to my heels! The verdict? I am sending them back and getting a different pair of Blank Denim from here! I have heard so many great things about them, it is worth the shot. Especially because ShopBop offers free shipping both ways. If you are 5' 8" or shorter, and love the ripped jeans look, buy these babies! The material is soft (it reminds me of Abercrombie jeans) and has just the right amount of stretch. 



  1. I love, love, love distressed denim!


    1. ME TOO! Now if only I could find a pair to suit my body type...

  2. These look like great finds! I love the overall romper...how cute!!

  3. Love those flats! I need to invest in something like that.

  4. Those flats are super cute, and it's nice to have someone else admit they have big ankles too! Boo for genetics, but yay for cute shoes!

    1. HA! Girl, you made my day. Thank YOU for admitting you have big ankles. One day, when I am rich and well off, I'll pay for them to look like a million bucks. ;)

  5. Can't wait to see how you'd put these looks together! Thank you for sharing with #AllAboutYou linkup!!!



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