The Madewell Look

madewell outfit
As I picked up this shirt from the rack, the rational voice in my head said, "You already have 6 striped items of clothing in your closet."
Cringing, because I knew this was true, I put the shirt back. It looked so sad and alone hanging there. I left it, quickly, like those ex-boyfriends you know are not good for you.
Aimlessly I walked through the store, touching every fabric in sight and briskly flipping through what seemed like miles of clothing.
Finally, I made my way back to the striped shirt. It was right then that I realized something. All along I have been trying define my "style" and "brand" but I have been going about it in the wrong way. I usually pick up whatever I deem cute, and then never allow myself to get another item like that for fear of being too materialistic. This meant that I was always finding similar items, but refusing to get them because of an idea about conforming that I had in my mind.
Instead, as I looked back on that pattern, the missing piece to my brand was right in front of me.
Casual. Feminine and masculine. Powerful. Strong. Consistent.
Some of these words seem contradictory, but they all seem to be what I feel when I look at stripes. These are also words I would use to describe myself!
So I grabbed the shirt and took it to the register to make the purchase.
I learned that to find style and to brand yourself, you have to play to what you enjoy the most!
striped tee and white pants with hat
karen walker sunglasses and jcrew hat
ami clubwear shoes
casual summer outfit with striped tee, hat, and white pants
casual summer outfit with striped tee, hat, and white pants
jcrew hat and long brunette hair



  1. This is a lovely simple and classic look.

  2. This look is darling. AND CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THAT WALL??? Love a hot pink wall :)

  3. that wall is the coolest!! love the cool, breezy look of your outfit! you can never have enough stripes : )

  4. OMG Lauryn this is one of my favorites! You look great. I want to look like this everyday! I need that hat :D

  5. Love how madewll dresses always have pockets!
    xoxo -

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  7. This is simple but so chic! I'm a sucker for stripes too :)

  8. This is such a beautiful and stunning outfit. How do you pull it off? :)

  9. I love this look! It has to be my absolute favourite look on you! Comfortable and classy. Ready for boating, the beach, or out to lunch with friends! My only problem is that when I wear white, I spill something that stains on it, immediately! lol

  10. Ami Clubwear Taupe Pointed Toe Sandals are the best! So unique!

  11. I love this because you know your style. The stripes look awesome and I think your description is perfect!

  12. You are so stunning. I love this outfit. So comfortable. Totally my style!! :)


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