Channeling my Inner Biker Chick

black vegan leather jacket and heels outfit
Just channeling my inner biker chick.

Spencer (you know, the guy I always talk about, ya, he's my husband) is dyingggg to get a motorcycle (is in love with roadsters, especially from Harley Davidson). 
While he has been talking about that constantly, I have been listening to my #girlcrush Lana Del Rey. She's the queen of the biker chicks. Think of the women from Sons of Anarchy. 
So this outfit was inspired by that secret dream of mine and my husband's to ride off down a long road in the desert with nothing keeping us.
I had a little help from my Byer California pants. They are a hybrid of leggings and slacks. The material looks classy enough to wear to the office (or in my case right now, Nordstrom working in retail until fall teaching starts). Even better though, they are super flattering (unlike actual slacks) and they stretch! It's like wearing high end yoga pants and getting away with it in meetings! Did I mention they are flattering? They get worn a little too often. PS I will be taking over Byer California's Instagram 7/31-8/2 so be sure to follow along! I'll remind you on my Instagram!
These shoes were on a killer deal over at VeryJane. It's a daily deal boutique that partners with suppliers to get really marked down prices. They are wine colored suede with a strap that hits in just the right place in the ankle-- this goes out to all my big ankle girls such as myself! You won't be able to get these shoes for the deal anymore, but has plenty of other deals now!
Okay, maybe I am obsessed with this outfit a but much, but each piece is so versatile and has been worn multiple times. I basically put all my favorite items in my closet into one. Anyway, avid Free People shopper over here! I bought this mock neck tunic (good for all year round when layered!) and can't get enough. It is on sale! The jacket (which is vegan, no worries) is also Free People and has a removable hoodie. YES. For all those out there looking for some awesome vegan leather options, check out all of these here!
free people shirt and lfaux eather jacket
maroon strappy wedges
nume curled hair tutorial

Be sure to use the code LAURYNCAKES at checkout from Byer California to get 20% off!



  1. i lvoe your outfit, those shoes are a dream!
    The Color Palette

  2. Love the outfit and cute shoes! I need to get some of those pants, thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes you definitely need to look into getting them. They will change your life.

  3. Love that jacket! So fantastic!


    1. Thank you! It is essential for me (fall) closet.

  4. I LOVE this mock neck! The shoe color looks so great paired with this outfit. Thanks for posting, Lauryn! xo!


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