Let's Make Out... (and other back to school de-stress tips)

let's make out throw pillow
SAY WHAT?! Making out can help get rid of back to school stress?
You bet it will!
According to CNN kissing can reduce blood pressure, get rid of headaches, boost self-esteem, and make you happy all while burning a few calories. That's why I am adding it to the top of my 

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back to school de-stress tips
1. Find someone to kiss. Don't just kiss anyone. Don't kiss everyone. But have some fun, it's good for you!
2. Make a To-Do List. Yep. That's exactly what I do everyday. In fact, I carry my notebook (or at least sticky notes) around in my purse in case I need to add something on to it! This is also great if you get random great ideas and don't want to lose track of them!
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3. Get your dates put in your phone and your alarms set. I love love love being able to look at my calendar on my phone to see when I am free or when something is coming up. Even better, set an alarm for events (more of a reminder nudge than an alarm) to go off a day before, and an hour before the event. I also like to get my wake-up alarms ready the weekend before school starts. 
4. Chill out. It would be beneficial to take a day off from work and snuggle in bed in nothing but sweats and veg. You can read, surf Reddit, or even watch your favorite movies on Netflix. Just make sure to get some TLC for yourself and do it without exhausting your body!
let's make out throw pillow
5. Plan some outfits. You don't have to be a freak and plan 5 outfits for your first week, but definitely plan the night ahead! It will make your first day back go so much smoother if you can wake up and not have to worry about finding the perfect threads to wear.



  1. Very cute post, love the bed and pillows!

  2. Very cute post, love the bed and pillows!

  3. Nice tips to de-stress. I like your pillow it is very cute.

  4. Love this post! Hope I get to see you soon!

    xo, kiely

  5. I love this post! Finally it's been proven that making out is good for you! Not like we didn't know that already, but I didn't know that kissing burned calories! That's awesome! Now, I just have to find myself a partner!!!

  6. I de-stressed a lot in high school! I can definitely see why kissing can let go of your aggression and stress! Plus, it's the most fun way to pass the time!

  7. Good ideas. I need to start making lists. I forget things and then have to zoom around in a frenzy.


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