Deep Clean Facial with Unity Salon Salt Lake City

HAPPY HALLOWEEN-- just kidding. I still can't believe I am posting this picture. Have a good laugh! Have you ever had a Dermascan? It’s this box shaped machine that you stick your face into and it shows the UV damage to your face, dryness, as well as clogged pores. I had a Dermascan done not too long ago, and aside from being scared into using sunscreen in my morning moisturizer, I was definitely convinced I needed a facial.

The darker areas on my skin represent sun damage (the under eye circles could be from the thinness of the skin in that area). Oh, and my eyes are purple because of my contacts. The orange dots, that are a little harder to see, represent clogged pores. I was shocked after getting this scan! I wash my face with cleanser morning and night. I use face masks once a week, sometimes twice! I even use a Clarisonic and PMD when needed! Even so, there was still remaining gunk around my nose and chin area.

I went into Unity Salon SLC in Salt Lake City immediately and told them my concerns. They even had a book on hand detailing their various facial treatments. I went with the Deep Clean Facial (which I mentioned in this post as being a special for only $50!), which seemed to provide the results I was looking for.

I had an appointment within the week. One of the benefits of Unity Salon is that they offer a relaxed schedule making it easier for someone with a busy schedule to get in quickly! Mina was the wonderful Master Esthetician that turned my troubled skin around. Just when I thought the facial was over, she built in more treatments. There were enzyme masks (pumpkin- perfect for fall!), a high frequency “magic wand” (this is cool, it uses high frequency, or “violet rays” that help to kill bacteria and regenerate skin, it doesn’t hurt!), a small shoulder massage, moisturizer, and extractions. There were probably more treatments in between that I can’t name, probably because when I asked, I was so relaxed I forgot.

The skim read of above: If you live in Salt Lake City, you need to go to Unity Salon SLC and get the special Deep Clean Facial.



  1. nice post!

  2. Great review....

  3. this sounds really cool, I would like to try something like that, too :) Have to look if there's a similar salon here in Germany :)

  4. I've way too petrified to even consider this kind of scan. I don't want to know how bad my skin is, that thought alone is enough to scare me into using sunscreen, especially where I live. Sunscreen should be mandatory.


    1. I was scared too! It made me feel better to see NOT AS MUCH damage as I assumed there would be. Where do you live? It sounds sunny all the time, you lucky girl!

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