Working with Hair Problems

All right, I am enlisting your help and ideas! I have been struggling (and I mean struggling) with dry scalp for the past few years. I have tried EVERYTHING. The only thing that seems to keep it at bay is getting hair/scalp treatments every month or so!

Recently, I went to Unity Salon in Salt Lake and received a hair blowout and hair treatment with the Kevin Murphy hair product. Just this weekend, I can already feel the difference is has made to my hair and scalp! It has been less of a problem!

Patricia from Unity Salon SLC and I talked about real things (as opposed to "shallow conversation" as I call it) as she gave me a wonderful hair treatment and blowout. 

To be honest, it's refreshing to be pampered and talk about books, culture, and health!!! I loved my experience at the salon, love the way my hair feels (healthy), and love the products I went home with.

P.S. Don't tell my husband how much I spent on new hair product. Shhhhh

(Be sure to check out their special right now, a Level 1 Lactic Acid Peel for only $35!)

Other than getting these treatments, do you have any at-home recommendations for keeping dry scalp at bay?! Let me know in the comment section!



  1. How counterintuitive. I'd have thought a blow out would dry things up further.

    1. I know! It does seem strange! It does help the scalp not get build up, but blow outs do dry up the ends. So you're right about that!

  2. My daughter had dry scalp for years, related to eczema. The only thing that helped was Free and Clear products. We got ours at Target. I hope you find a solution!

    1. OH! I'll check that out! Thank you for the suggestion!


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