CASEAPP Custom Cases for Macbook Pro and IPhone 5c

custom iphone case
Ever wanted a case for your phone or laptop that you design completely on your own?! Well, I've got news for you... YOU CAN!
I went to and created a custom Iphone 5c case for my phone. The awesome part about CASEAPP is that they provide already made graphics that you can add to your design. I did this with my Iphone by using their "Oh La La" graphic. The case fits my phone perfectly and is super, super light as well. Unlike other cases I have ordered in the past, CASEAPP doesn't have any issues covering the charger or the buttons. It's a perfect fit.

I have also been wanting a Macbook Pro skin that looked like granite for quite some time. They even have that already made at CASEAPP! Heed my warning: be sure to click on the correct computer type when ordering. I thought I hit the button for Macbook Pro, but I hit Macbook Pro Retina. This resulted in the skin being a bit smaller. This didn't pose any issues for me, but might mess with the aesthetic a little bit. Be sure to be thorough when ordering.
custom macbook pro skin
custom macbook skin
custom iphone case

If you would like to design your own custom Iphone case or custom macbook case, be sure to visit CASEAPP and use the code LAURYNCAKES20 for 20% off!

Thank you to CASEAPP for sponsoring this post!


  1. I love the Macbook case! Very pretty! :)

  2. This is fun! I have been wanting to get a new phone case for a while. It's nice that you can make it so personalized.

  3. That iPhone custom cases looks really great. Custom phone cases are very trendy and cool to have. You can have your own stylish case that stands out in crowd and make your phone looks different. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I love this cover, its actually looking awesome.

    We all have to agree that gravity is stronger than us and even after being so careful, we will probably drop our phone and can damage. For security and looks phone covers are must. No-deny, custom iPhone cases are important for a delicate device like Apple.


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